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The "pace" of conversation often varies within a given conversation.

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What do you call the speed of speaking?

it is called the areo dynamics tempo

How do you receive a call?

good morning " " speaking good afternoon " " speaking

What do we call a speed at which a wave travels?

I would call it "the speed of the wave".

What does one refer to when speaking about Dish Network High Speed Internet?

The main thing someone is referring to when speaking about Dish Network high speed internet is their internet. The high speed internet provided by Dish Network is very good.

How do dolphins call to other herds?

the just call out in their speaking way and say come to me

What do people in England call Christmas?

Those English speaking Britains call it Christmas.

Average speed is indicated on the speedometer?

I would call it current speed, not average speed.

What do french people call lunch?

It depends: if they are speaking English it would be lunch. If they are speaking French it would be déjeuner

How does temperature affect the speed of molecules in water?

Generally speaking, atoms slow down when cold and speed up when warm.

How can isobars be used to tell about wind speed?

Generally speaking, the closer the isobars are to one another, the faster the wind speed.

What do brits call speed bumps?

What we call a speed bump in the united states, britians call a "sleeping policeman". The concept dates back to the 1900's.

What is an object's speed at a particular moment?

We call the speed of an object at a specific moment its instantaneous speed.

Can police speed?

if the call of duty requires it, yes police can speed.

What do you call speed in a given direction?

Speed in a given direction is velocity.

Does 911 speak Spanish?

Yes, all 9-1-1 call centers are required to have a Spanish speaking call taker. You may encounter an English speaking operate, simply state. "I speak Spanish", in spanish and you'll be routed to a spanish speaking operator.

What are the main sports in spanish speaking countries?

Virtually all spanish speaking countries share a love of soccer, which they call fútbol.

Can private investigators call and asked who's speaking on a phone?

Everybody can, But legally yes investigators may call a private number and ask who's speaking. Failure to answer may be used as evidence against you.

What wind speed causes window glass to break?

Generally speaking, wind speed approaching 80mph may cause windows to break.

What speed provides the best gas mileage?

Generally speaking 90 kph (60mph)

Is it polite to call someone a francophone?

Of course, it only means french-speaking person, it is as polite as calling someone an english-speaking one

Does it possible the speed will be the same at different velocity?

Yes, if you want to get technical about it. 'Velocity' is a quantity that has both magnitude (size) and direction. The magnitude of the velocity is what we call the speed. Strictly speaking, you can change the 'velocity' by changing only its direction. When that happens, the velocity has changed, but the speed hasn't. A perfect example is a race car doing a steady 150 mph on a circular track. The velocity is changing CONSTANTLY, but the speed NEVER changes.

What do you do when you call someone who you want to be friends with but they never call you back?

That would indicate that they are not interested in speaking with you. Its best to let things be.

How do you play the Mockingjay call on clarinet?

If your speaking of the Mocking jay call from The Hunger Games, it is B D C# F#

How would you answer an incoming company phone call?

this is (my company) This is (My name) speaking. How can I help you?

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