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The nickname given to all people who live in Wyoming: "Wyomingite."

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Q: What do you call some one from Wyoming?
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What do you call someone from Wyoming?

A person from Wyoming is called a Wyomingite.

How many capitals does the state of Wyoming have?

Wyoming has one state capital, Cheyenne.Wyoming has one capital letter, the letter 'W'.Wyoming only has one state capital, Cheyenne.

What is one Wyoming zoo called?

There are no zoos in Wyoming.

Who are some famous Wyoming scientists?

Fermilab founder Robert R Wilson, for one.

What kind of community is Wyoming?

Wyoming is a state. Most of Wyoming is considered rural, with some suburban and urban areas.

What is one of the baseball teams in Wyoming?

The Wyoming Turds are very popular

What does Wyoming call their money?

Since Wyoming is a US state, US Currency is used as in dollar, quarter, dime, nickel, and penny.

Can you move out at 17 in Wyoming?

In Wyoming, a minor can move out, but they will need a guardian of some kind. It is best to seek legal counsel if one is trying to emancipate themselves from their parents.

What are some of Wyoming's descriptions?

Some of Wyoming's descriptions include: The Equality State (official state nickname of Wyoming) Big, Wonderful Wyoming or Big Wyoming The Cowboy State Wyoming, Forever West Roam Free

Can coal be found in Wyoming?

Yes, coal is found in Wyoming. Wyoming is the number one producer of coal in the US, with about 40% of the coal in the US coming from Wyoming.

What is the Wyoming Toad's call?

A soft trill of 3-5 seconds is the call of the Wyoming Toad (Bufo baxteri, Anaxyrus baxteri).Specifically, the voice of the Wyoming Toad is somewhat melodic in a rattling sort of way. It is similar to that of the American Toad (B. americanus), but less musical. The call may be heard from spring to early summer.

What are some pro sports teams of Wyoming?

Well one of the biggest ones is wills penis

What time is it Oklahoma if it is 12am in Wyoming?

Oklahoma is one hour ahead of Wyoming, so 12 am in Wyoming is 1 am in Oklahoma

Why did people settle in Wyoming?

It is because Wyoming is one of the least populative cities.

What are Wyoming's Deserts?

Wyoming has one desert, the Red Desert in southwestern Wyoming.

Is Wyoming a state of the US?

Yes, Wyoming is one of the 50 US states.

What are some famous places and cities in Wyoming?

Yellowstone National Park Devil's Tower National Monument Grand Teton National Park Jackson, Wyoming Cheyenne, Wyoming Cody, Wyoming Casper, Wyoming

Who was the founder of Wyoming?

There is no one specific person who is considered the founder of the US state of Wyoming.

Which one is more north Colorado or Wyoming?

Wyoming since it borders Northern Colorado

Is this how you spell Wyoming?

Yes, Wyoming is the correct spelling of the American state.Some example sentences are:I think she's from Wyoming.Wyoming has many vast plains within the state.

What are some interstates in Wyoming?


Does Wyoming have deserts?

Wyoming has one desert, the Red Desert, a high altitude desert and sagebrush steppe located in south central Wyoming.

Is Wyoming a city?

There is more than one Wyoming.There is the US state of Wyoming.There is a mountain range and a mountain named Wyoming, both located in the US state of Wyoming. There is the Wyoming Valley located in the US state of Pennsylvania.There are several cities named Wyoming:AustraliaWyoming, New South WalesCanadaWyoming, OntarioUnited States Wyoming, DelawareWyoming, IllinoisWyoming, IowaWyoming Hill (MBTA station) in Melrose, MassachusettsWyoming, MichiganWyoming, MinnesotaWyoming, NebraskaWyoming, New YorkWyoming County, New YorkWyoming, OhioWyoming, PennsylvaniaWyoming County, PennsylvaniaWyoming Valley, in PennsylvaniaWyoming, Rhode Island, a section of Richmond, Rhode IslandWyoming, West VirginiaWyoming County, West VirginiaWyoming, Iowa County, Wisconsin, a townWyoming, Waupaca County, Wisconsin, a townWyoming (community), Wisconsin, an unincorporated community

What is the size of Wyoming in square miles?

Wyoming is one of the US States.Wyoming has an area of 97,818 square miles.Wyoming is the 10th largest US State.

How many US governors are there in Wyoming?

There is one Governor in Wyoming. The Governor in Wyoming serves a four year term with a limitation of two consecutive terms