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Q: What do you call someone born from a mixed marriage?
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Can You get married to an imaginiary friend and call it a real marriage?

No you cannot get legally married to someone who does not exists.

What do you call someone born in Baghdad?


What is the name of the person who cheated by someone?

If you are asking what you call a person who had sex with someone outside their marriage, if a man does it, he's an adulterer. If a woman does it she is called an adulteress.

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New Yorker

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call the marriage place

What do Jewish people call marriage?

It depends on what language they speak. American and British Jews call it "marriage". The Hebrew word for "marriage" is Nisu'in (נישוין)

What do you call someone who was born in their own house?

The term you are seeking is "home birth."

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A Pomeranian mixed with pug and poodle is a mixed breed dog.

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What do you call the thing you sign when you get marred?

a marriage contract i guessAnswer:a marriage license