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miso (fermented soybean paste)

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What is another name for soybean paste?

Soybean paste is used in a variety of dishes, but is most notably found in Asian cooking. It is also known in Japan as Miso paste.

What is the difference between soy and soybean?

None really, both refer to the same plant. The usage of the one or the other is simply a matter of convention. In agriculture, this legume and crop is always referred to as soybean, and weighs 60 pounds per bushel. In food, soy is used more often, like in soy sauce or soy milk, but you can see miso described as a soybean paste, and vegetable oil from soybean is called soybean oil.

Does soybean oil have soy?

Soy or soybean is the same thing, so soybean oil does contain soy since it is extracted from the soybean plant.

Is soybean a legume?

Yes, soybean is a legume.

Why do they call tooth paste tooth paste?

It is called tooth paste because the paste is for cleaning you teeth for example it can protect your teeth from cavities or gum pain also can whiten you teeth with special tooth paste products and you brush it on to your teeth TOOTH-PASTE.

When do most soybean farmers call option for hedging?

Soybean farmers sell call options for hedging against Price Uncertainty and Harvest Uncertainty.Nothing destroys the income of soybean farmers more than a sudden price decline during harvest or a unexpected bad harvest. As such, selling call options to buyers guarantees the farmer against a sudden price decline and allows some income to be made even in a bad harvest.

What is a sentence for soybean?

i planted a soybean in the back yard

When was Soybean Car created?

Soybean Car was created in 1941.

Which is correct soybean or soya bean?

The correct usage is "soybean".

What is the chemical formula for soybean oil?

There is no chemical formula for the product soybean oil. This is because soybean oil is not a chemical but a mixture.

What is soybean oil?

Soybean oil is a kind of cooking oil extracted from soybean under the help of an oil pressing machine.

What is the revenue of soybean exports from the U.S.?

According to the ASA, U.S. soybean and soybean products exports totaled $7.1 billion in 2001.

What do you call a paste that is used to cover cakes?

There are two pastes that can be used to cover cakes and make candies. Fondant ~ sweet, creamy paste. Marzipan ~ sweet, pliable almond paste.

What is soybean oil made of?

yes there is acetic acid in soybean oil

What is the origin of miso?

Miso is Japanese fermented soybean paste. It originated in China and was brought to Japan in the 6th century AD. Since then it has been one of the most basic elements of Japanese cooking.

Does miso have to have pork?

Miso is an aged fermented soybean paste which may also have wheat, rice or barley. It contains no pork. Some pork dishes do have miso as a flavoring agent or broth base.

How many kilogram in a bushel of soybean?

1 Soybean Bushel = 27.2155 Kg

Where is the 'Soybean Capital of the World'?

The Soybean Capital of the World is Decatur, Illinois.

Is soybean oil a chemical?

Yes, soybean oil is a mixture of organic chemicals.

When was Tennessee Soybean Festival created?

Tennessee Soybean Festival was created in 1993.

What is the Weight of soybean oil?

the weight of soybean oil is 7.7 lbs per gallon

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