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the fear of ginger hair, i think is called gingerphobia.

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What phobia is the fear of curly hair?


What phobia is fear of losing your hair?


What phobia is the fear of hair?

Chaetophobia, Trichopathophobia, Trichophobia, and Hypertrichophobia are names of phobias relating to the fear of hair

What is the fear of ginger pubic hair?


What phobia is the fear of people touching hair?


What phobia is the fear of women with long blond hair?


What phobia is the fear of having your hair cut?

Chucky Finsterobia.

What phobia is the fear of having hair get on you or hair in general?

Chaetophobia- Fear of hair. If you are interested in a detailed list of other weird phobias, try the related link.

What phobia is the fear of wet hairs?

There is none. The fear of wet dreams is oneirogmophobia. The fear of hair is trichopathophobia, chaetophobia, and hypertrichophobia.

What do you call a girl with red hair?


What is the phobia of gray hair called?

Trichophobia and chaetophobia both describe fears of hair. Often they refer to the fear of losing your hair, or the fear of greying hair. Additionally, you could look at this fear from on aging prospective; the fear of aging is known as gerascophobia.

Is ginger hair wrong?

No, of course ginger hair is not wrong. Ginger hair is normal.

What is a person suffering from try chop a tho phobia afraid of?

Trichopathophobia, as the word should be spelled, is the fear of hair.

Who like ginger hair?

ginger hair is absoloutley stunning :)I am ginger and my boyfriend says he likes it!

What do you call someone with red hair?

Redhead. Ginger? lil red :D -nikki

Is red hair the same as ginger hair?

Yes, but naturally 'red' hair doesn't exist. This is the same for 'ginger' hair, ginger has a completely different colour.

Why do ginger people get teased?

People tease people with Ginger hair because there either jealous or your different and that you have orange or red hair. Also if you have a certain shade of Strawberry Blonde you get called Ginger. I have that shade of Strawberry Blonde that changes from the light to just naturally. Lately people say I have Ginger hair and call me ging or ginger. If this happens to you and you don't have ginger hair say, "Actually keep your made up facts to yourself." and walk of. If you do have ginger hair say, "Its the rarest hair colour in the world so I'm glad to be a one of a kind." and once again walk of.

Where does ginger hair come from?

for hair to be ginger each parent needs to have a ginger gene but they don't both have to be ginger i'm ginger and my dad is a brunnette and my mum is blonde

You have brown skin and the father has ginger hair will your baby have ginger hair?


Is miley cyruses hair ginger?

No...Miley Cyruses hair is not ginger! It is brown. =-)

Has Adele got brown hair or ginger?

She has auburn and brown hair, but she is not a ginger.

What color hair will a baby have is the mum is ginger dad is ginger?


What colour hair will your baby be if both parents have ginger hair?

ginger, as ginger people only have ginger genes, if they had a single brown gene, they would be brunettes.

How do you say ginger hair in french?

ginger hair is 'les cheveux roux' in French.

Why cant black people have ginger hair?

Black people can be born with "ginger" hair.