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Q: What do you call the movement when heat rises to the top on Earth?
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Heat from the earths center flows toward the suface because why?

Heat from the Earth rises to the surface because heat rises. Heat rises because it is energy and the atoms are looking for more space to move freely in.

What is the main cause of earth winds?

Heat ! The sun warms the air, which rises... Cold air flows into the 'void' to fill it - it's the movement of the air that creates the wind.

In the Earth's mantle heat is transferred in large convection currents. Within these currents?

, hot material rises towards the surface and cooler material sinks back down towards the Earth's core. This is called mantle convection and is driven by the heat generated from the Earth's core and the heat released from radioactive decay within the mantle. The motion of these convection currents is responsible for plate tectonics and the movement of continents over time.

How is convection on the earth's crust formed?

Do you mean under the Earth's crust or above it? If you mean under it: The heat under the Earth's crust rises and falls as it heats and cools. Above the crust, the sun heats the earth, heat rises, cools, falls back down. Hope that helps.

What do you call the movement in heat in a gas or liquid?


How does earth bounce back heat into the atmosphere?

Warm air rises through convection.

What happens to the temperature when people dig into the earth?

the temperature rises at unbarable and tremendous heat

What is an explanation of the process of convection current movement?

Heat rises...cold decends. As each moves it creates currents.

What is Geothermal activity mean?

Geothernal activity is the heat that comes from the Earth's interior. This heat rises to the Earth's surface through volcanoes, geysers, or even hot springs.

How is the energy used by many living things on the earth can be traced back to sunlight?

Heat rises

Why movement of crustal plates depend on heat?

The heat in the Earth's core makes the magma more liquid and allows the movement of the crustal plates.

What form is radiation emitted from the earth's surface back into the atmosphere?

Heat rises from the surface of the earth in the form of infra-red radiation.