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What do you call the names at the end of the movie?

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the credits

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What do you call the names of the actors at the end of a movie?

There may be an "official" name for them, but I always heard them called Credits, Cast or The Cast of Players.

What names do main characters call Aladdin?

everyone in the movie aladin call aladin al

What other names did they call Rudolph in the movie?

Rudolph was called many names that he was very embarresed at. He was laughed at many times, but he handled it.

What do you call the thing at the end of a film when all the cast comes and takes a bow?

The cast doesn't come to take a bow at the end of a FILM... The cast names at the end of a film are the CREDITS. The cast bow at the end of a PLAY is the CURTAIN CALL.

Names of The Aristocats?

Duchess, Marie, Berlioz, and Toulouse. At the end of the movie, Thomas O'Malley joins them.

What song was in Narnia prince Caspian movie?

The song at the end of the prince caspian movie is called: The Call by Regina Spektor

Do supervision have the right to call you names?

no, they do not have the right to call you names.

What do you call the ending part of a movie?

The final scenes where the story is wrapped-up is the "conclusion", and the part where the names of those who worked on the production of the movie is called the "credits".

What are the names of the Pirates of the Caribbean in order from first to last?

Movie 1: The Curse Of The Black Pearl Movie 2: Dead Mans Chest Movie 3: At Worlds End Movie 4: On Stranger tides

When you are in school why does people call you names?

Go to "why do people call you bad names". This will help you.

What were the names of cars used in the movie Gentlemen Marry Brunettes?

During the movie when discussing how to get to Monte Carlo they mention taking the Deusenburg but end up taking the Mercedes

What was the list of names at the end of the movie 'Paranormal Activity'?

The list of names represents the people who "demanded" the movie on eventful.com so it could have a wide release. It took a million votes to do so and to thank those people they invited those who demanded the movie to be included in the credits of the DVD.

How does the movie let me call you sweetheart end?

jonathon is the killer it ends by kerry swearing the oath and becoming a judge :)

What was the slang name the Marines call the Na'vi in the movie Avatar?

They called them many names, from "fly-bitten savages" to "blue monkeys"

Why do witches on bewitched names end in an a?

It is just by coincidence that names of witches on Bewitched end in an 'a'.

Why are names invented?

names are invented because so people call you by your name and not call you that girl or that boy

Is the book Call of the Wild a movie?

Yes, The Call of The wild is a movie

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