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Q: What do you call the people who do the mummification?
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Was mummification expensive?

Mummification was expensive. This is proven because only wealthy people could afford the full mummification process.

What do you call a person who mummifies people as a living?

The priests in ancient Egypt performed mummification. There was no specific person whose sole job was to mummify the dead.

Did all ancient Chinese people do mummification?

Ancient Chinese never did mummification like the Ancient Egyptians.

Why was mummification in ancient Egypt only used on the pharaoh or wealthy people?

Because mummification was really expensive.

Why did they do mummification?

So the people will be remembered

Do people still use the mummification process?

No, people do not still use the mummification process, however it can occur naturally in dry places like a desert.

Why did the Egyptians stop mummification?

no dummie mummification stop because ancaint people became christans so they stop doing that

Why was mummification created?

mummification was created because they wanted there people to be as they looked when the were alive when they were dead so that is why it was created! email me

Was mummification allowed for poor people?

yes, if you had the money

Why were people buried with Anubis?

He is the god of mummification and the afterlife

What did the dead Egyptian people claim?

Anubis god of mummification and embalming .

How do the ancient Egypt people prevent decompisition in mummification?

With a dehydration process. Bodies were covered with a natural sodium mixture (natron) for drainage. The mummification process took 70 days to complete.

Who are two more people who helped with the process of mummification?

god and your mommy ...hahahahahha

What is the modern name for mummification?

Mummification is the real name for it.

How are taxidermy and mummification alike?

How Are Mummification And Taxidermy Alike

What words describe mummification?

Death, Wealth,Mummification

How are mummification and taxidermy alike?

How Are Mummification And Taxidermy Alike

Was Egyptian mummification reserved for rich and powerful people only?

no. it hapend to pets and worthy slaves to the rich people.

When was mummification invented?

mummification was invented probably near the time of 12,000bc Mummification, historically, was used first by the ancient Egyptians. These people did so because of the belief that the physical is tied to the spiritual, so a decayed corpse meant bad times in the afterlife. Mummification is process that has been used by multiple cultures to preserve dead humans, and even animals, against decomposition. Archeological evidence suggests mummification dates back at least 5 millennia.

Do they still mummify people?

Basically, no. The closest thing to mummification done regularly today is embalming. Ever since Abraham Lincoln, bodies have been preserved using embalming over mummification due to technological increases.

What is good sentence about mummification?

The mummification process is not quite complete.

What was mummification used for?

In ancient Egypt mummification was the preparation of the after life.

A sentence with mummification in it?

mummification is a process of preserving dead bodies.

How long was the mummification?

Mummification took 70 days in total.

The process by which the remains of an organism are preserved by drying is called?