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When Roman numbers reach 4 thousand, a BAR can be placed above a base number to indicate that it is a multiple of 1,000. Another method is to place the base number within parentheses to achieve the same goal.

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The symbol above a Roman numeral is called an overline or an overbar.

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Q: What do you call the symbol above a roman numeral?
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What do you call the bar above a roman numeral?

VINCULUM - The bar above a roman numeral

What do you call the roman numeral for 1000 years?


What is a c-note as referred to about a hundred dollar bill and why do they call it that?

C is the Roman numeral for 100.

What did the early Romans borrow from the etruscan?

They adapted the Etruscan numeral system which today we call Roman numerals.

Why is 10 equals x in roman numerals?

For the same reason 10 equals ten in the Latin alphabet. It is a symbol for a number. That is; 10 is not a number, it is merely the symbolic representation of the number we now call ten.The origin of the symbol can be traced to the Greek alphabet, where the symbol X was known as the letter chi. The Etruscan alphabet inherited the symbol and, it is thought, it became associated with the number ten through their use of tally-sticks, where a single notch represented a unit (which became I), and every fifth notch was double cut (making an inverted V) and every tenth was cross-cut (making an X). When the Romans arrived, it is thought they derived I, V and X from these symbols. Thus the Roman numeral X came to be associated with the number we call ten.

What is the roman numeral of the noble gas family?

Old textbooks usually gave the noble gases group 0., although some did call it group VIIIA.

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What do you now call the Roman territory of gaul?

That do we call now the Roman territory of Gaul?

Why do you call them Roman numerals?

i call them roman numrals becaus Romans used them and they were numbers

What did the Roman call their soldiers?

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What are at least fifteen interesting historical facts regarding the Roman numeral system?

1 The idea of this form of numeracy was conceived by the secretive Etruscans who once ruled the Romans.2 Little in history is recorded about the Etruscans they were simply known as the people from the sea.3 Legend has it that the Etruscans were refugees from the sinking city of Atlantis.4 The Etruscans educated the Romans in reading, writing and arithmetic.5 Today we call the Etruscan numeracy system the Roman numeral system.6 The 7 main symbols are M, D, C, L, X, V and I7 They represent 1000, 500, 100, 50, 10, 5 and 1 respectively.8 The Romans used fractions to a limited extent.9 The fraction 1/2 was represented by the symbol S meaning semi.10 It has a zero symbol represented by N meaning nothing.11 The zero symbol N is never used because it's not needed12 The way we write out Roman numerals today differs in the way that the Romans actually did themselves.13 Today we would write out 29 as XXIX but in the ruins of the Colosseum in Rome it is different.14 Today we would write out 19 as XIX but the Latin language describes it as IXX.15 Numerals can be abridged using less numerals but of equal value.16 At one time the 7 numerals were symmetrical.17 At one time 1,000 was (I) and 100,000 was (((I)))18 Todays modern rules governing the Roman numeral system were introduced during the Middle Ages.19 Today 1999 is MCMXCIX but in Roman times the abridged version was probably IMM (2000-1)20 The Roman numeral system was eventually superceded by the Hindu-Arabic numeral system which is the form of numeracy that we use today.QED by David Gambell

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