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What do you call words that rhyme but don't have the same meaning?


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Have the same meaning or not, it is a rhyming word.

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A slant rhyme is an "almost rhyme" like words that sound the same, but don't exactly rhyme. Like "Temperate" and "Date" they both end with "ate", but they dont rhyme.

Nothing its one of the many words that dont rhyme

i dont think theres a word for it.

Poems can rhyme, but poems dont have to rhyme.

they dont really rhyme, because they dont have proper rhyme endings, one has a different ending to the other.

no they dont rhyme sorry

-ries and these rhyme. memories and these dont rhyme so much. my answer is no.

your really dumb if you dont know this -_- Not if your looking for something that has the same meaning and that could rhyme with it.

Song lyrics dont have to rhyme.

Kite Bite Byte Mite Write Site Quite White

jingle and cringle or single and ringle dont worry that doesnt make sense to me either

present when the words are very similar in appearance but dont have the same sound (daughter and laughter)

No not all narratives have to rhyme most of them dont Matthewsaysftw youtube

They really dont "Help you" but they change and modify the meaning of words. Example: unforgiving; you use the prefix un- meaning not so it changes the words meaning.

no freekin way. i always write poems like that. they can rhyme...they dont have to though.

it doenst have to if you dont want it to

yes I dont frecken know

Um i thing It Tricky to Rock a Rhyme by Run DMC I dont knw dont hold me to it Um i thing It Tricky to Rock a Rhyme by Run DMC I dont knw dont hold me to it

understand what you are reading,and try to find the meaning of the words you dont understand

Call the ATF!! They can explain EXACTLY how to do it. In other words "DONT DO IT"

they sound the same but no they technically dont rhyme

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