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You will need to be more specific to get a better answer, but most likely you'll have to have a dentist put a filling put in the tooth. What is the hole from? Where is the hole in the tooth? How long have you had it? Any more details you can add will be very helpful in answering your question better. More opinions from FAQ Farmers: * I have two holes in the back of my front teeth!. I am 17 years of age. I was really worried if I would lose the teeth as I am getting orthodontic treatment and still am. I couldn't understand the Orthodontist never said you must go and get them filled. So I went to my normal dentist; he said that they are just knocks off the enamel of my teeth. What a relief. He thought that my retainer had caused the loss of enamel, which i could understand. If you are worried you should see a dentist. He/she will tell you. Hope you don't need fillings. * You should get them pulled. Holes in teeth are a sign of tooth decay which can later on result in an infection. * I would recommend visiting the dentist to make sure it isn't decay, and if it s isn't, a cosmetic dentist to cover it up with porcelain veneers.

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Q: What do you do about a hole in a tooth?
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