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What do you do about a hole in a tooth?

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You will need to be more specific to get a better answer, but most likely you'll have to have a dentist put a filling put in the tooth. What is the hole from? Where is the hole in the tooth? How long have you had it? Any more details you can add will be very helpful in answering your question better. More opinions from FAQ Farmers: * I have two holes in the back of my front teeth!. I am 17 years of age. I was really worried if I would lose the teeth as I am getting orthodontic treatment and still am. I couldn't understand the Orthodontist never said you must go and get them filled. So I went to my normal dentist; he said that they are just knocks off the enamel of my teeth. What a relief. He thought that my retainer had caused the loss of enamel, which i could understand. If you are worried you should see a dentist. He/she will tell you. Hope you don't need fillings. * You should get them pulled. Holes in teeth are a sign of tooth decay which can later on result in an infection. * I would recommend visiting the dentist to make sure it isn't decay, and if it s isn't, a cosmetic dentist to cover it up with porcelain veneers.

2007-10-23 16:11:09
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Q: What do you do about a hole in a tooth?
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What is the hole in a tooth?

cavity is the hole in tooth

What is the real name of a hole in a tooth?

"Cary" (one r ) is the real, or, medical, term for a hole in a tooth due to tooth decay. These are commonly referred to as "cavities" however a "cavity" technically can be a hole or depression in anything. A Cary is specifically a hole in a tooth.

Why do we get a hole in your tooth?

Eroding away of tooth enamel

What does a tooth cavity look like?

When there is a cavity in a tooth it can look like there is a hole in the tooth. The hole in the tooth may also be discolored, either brown, gray, or black.

A hole in a tooth?

its called a cavity ...

What does a hole in a tooth mean?

A hole is a cavity, it means that the tooth is rotten or rotted. If you see a hole it is past time to see the dentist. You should also be brushing more often.

What is a cavity in your tooth?

A hole or weak spot in the tooth surface caused by decay.

I have a hole in my mouth from my wisdom tooth coming through but now that hole has a white line all around it what does that mean?

If you have a hole in the mouth with a white line around where a tooth use to be mean that you have a tooth coming back in. I would go to the doctor and have them check it out.

What is the solution to a hole INSIDE the tooth?

A dentist.

What is it called if you have a hole in your tooth?

it is called a cavity

Your tooth has got a hole on the inside what is it?

a cavity

How do you fix a hole in your tooth?

See the dentist.....

What is used to fill a tooth that has a hole?


What is a tiny hole behind the back of a tooth?

i think you are referring to the lingual fossa.

Should your stitches completely cover the hole from your extracted tooth?

Yes, the stitches would cover the hole where your tooth was extracted. This is to help the gums heal without food getting caught in the hole.

A naturally occurring hole in bone or tooth?


How long does a tooth extraction hole stay open?

Two weeks to a month depending on the tooth extracted.

What happens if food gets into a tooth extraction hole?

If you get food into a tooth extraction hole, it can cause pain, infection, and decrease the healing time. Your doctor should have given you a syringe that you can use to squirt water into the hole to get any food out.

What happens if your adult tooth fell out?

well, if an adults tooth fell out it would not grow back on you will just end up with a hole where the tooth fell out!

Define a cavity?

A cavity is a hole which can be in the earth, a tooth, etc.

What do you do about a hole in the side of your tooth?

Go to the dentist! See a dentist.

How do you get a hole in the inside of your tooth?

When you have cavities and don't brush your teeth.

How do you you call a hole in your tooth?

On the calcified side it is called a pore

What is the leongs premolar?

it is a disease where the tooth has a hole and the gum rots

Can tooth decay cause a hole on your gums?

Not too sure