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release hands, wipe them on pants, then hold again.

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Q: What do you do about sweaty hands while holding hands?
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What should you do while holding hands with a almost boyfriend?

Just hold their hand and every so often give their hand a little squeeze, and if you hand starts getting sweaty or something just let go for a bit and hold his hand again a little later, cause sweaty hands aren't that nice.

What does it mean when a girl rubs the top part of your hands with their thumb while holding hands?

It means that the girl is enjoying holding hands with you, and they want to keep holding hands because she likes you.

Do gloves eat your hands?

Of course not. They just get your hands sweaty.

Can sweaty hands have a bad effect on a hunter's aim?

Sweaty hands can have a bad effect on a hunters aim. A good grip is crucial for a successful shot. Sweaty hands can cause a loose grip which can effect the aim of the shot.

Why do you always have sweaty hands?

Its because your hands are reproducing the water from your body.

How do you prevent sweaty hands?

talcum powder

Do girls care about sweaty hands?


Where do you put your hands when you kiss a girl?

On her cheek, on her hair, on her waist, while holding hands...etc

What does it mean when your hands get sweaty?

You maybe like that person your with.

Is sweaty hands a sign of pregnancy?

No you can have it whenever!Did that A your Q?

Why do your hands get sweaty?

i think it is if u are already feeling sweaty/sumtimes it could be because ur nervous.

How do you know if you have sweaty hands or sperm?

Odd question ! Sweaty hands are from sweat glands releasing fluid, whereas sperm comes from the testicles in a males scrotum.

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