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Q: What do you do after all the wires are connected on escape the car?
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What wires do you connect on escape the car on addicting games?

Pink, blue, green, and yellow

Car has trouble stating and backfires what would cause this?

it is out of time or the plug wires are connected incorrectly.

Where is the crankshaft sensor on a 98 Dodge Intrepid?

It should be on the transmission by the passenger side of car. It has three wires connected to it.

What is connected to negative wires in car battery?

It just goes to a ground point, either on the body or on the frame.

All the igenaton wires are ripped how do you start your car?

buy new ignition wires

Where is the oxygen sensor located on the Lexus 1994 model car?

it is in under the car, in the front part of the exghaust it's the only part with wires connected to the exghaust.

Why my signal lights are not blinking?

is the car on? do you have the signal on? is there a bulb? are there wires connected to the bulb? or just go to a mech and have him figure it out. simple.

Why does sub make nosie when car is on?

I would check your wiring You most likely have some wires connected to the same source

How do you stop backfiring on a car?

Backfiring it normally caused by a car that is very badly out of time. It can also be caused by the spark plug wires being connected incorrectly. Switching to a higher octane will not help at all.

How do you get sound out. When the CD player power is on and all speaker wires are connected?

if your car has a factory amp you might have to mess around with the factory remote wire(this is what tells the amp to turn on) good luck

Why wont your car start all you did was changed sparkplugs and wires?

Check your wire connections. If the wires are out of order, it may prevent the car from starting.

What causes your car to back fire when you try to start it and will not start?

Timing is way off or spark plug wires incorrectly connected.