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Q: What do you do at the start of Pokemon wii?
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Can you play pokemon on the Wii?

There are some Pokemon games on the Wii, like Pokemon Battle Revolution and Pokepark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure, but games like Pokemon Platinum, and Pokemon Black aren't available on the Wii.

Can you transfer Pokemon from Platinum to the Wii?

Yes but you have to have Pokemon Revolution for the Wii.

How do you transfer Pokemon from diamond or pearl to battle revolution?

Well first you go to storage in main menu of Pokemon battle revolution then go to copy and it should say something like "to copy Pokemon from the ds you must turn your ds on and start the game then when your at the menu before you start your file go down to copy Pokemon to Wii or connect to Wii i forget what it will say on the ds it should be connect to Wii" then it should say something like this on your ds "do you want to copy your Pokemon onto the Wii" when that comes up say yes and there you go your Pokemon are put in storage for use on the Wii give it a couple minutes to copy first plus your Pokemon are still on your ds so you can level them up and copy again (after copying Pokemon you have to use the same Pokemon game chip for your ds and the same file on it unless you start a new file on the Wii

Is there a Pokemon wii game called pokefarm?

No its wii ware pokemon ranch

How do you start your Pokemon ranch game over?

You would need to transfer all your Pokemon back to your DS game, and delete the save data in the Wii Options menu (Wii Options -> Data Management -> Saves -> Wii -> My Pokemon Ranch -> Delete). However, if you delete your game save, you will lose any Pokemon left on your My Pokemon Ranch game.

Where can you get Pokemon Battle revolution for the Wii?

you can buy Pokemon battle revolution for the wii at

Will there be a wii Pokemon game that has shadow Pokemon?

You can put the gamecube version of it on your wii. That works.

What Pokemon is 126 for Pokepark Wii?

Who ever plays Pokemon on wii SHOULD NOT BE PLAYING

Is Pokemon XD for Wii?

No, it is for the Gamecube, but it can be played on a Wii.

How do you get Pokemon Ranch on your Wii?

You buy it with wii Points. (you have to pay for wii points). Since you have to pay for points, Pokemon Ranch is $10.00

Are they making a Pokemon game for the Wii?

they are gonna make a few Pokemon games for the wii k.

Pokemon games for the Wii?

yes there are there is battle revolution and you can play gamecube Pokemon games in the wii

How do you transfer Pokemon fom PokePark Wii?

you cant transfer Pokemon from poke park wii

If you traded a Pokemon from the ds to the wii would that Pokemon evolve by a link trade?

once you get a Pokemon on to the wii it cant be leveled up or in your case evolved on the wii, but it can be leveled up on your DS and then retransferred onto the wii.

Can you get Pokemon on Wii?


Is Pokemon plasma version Wii real?

It is a wii homebrew

Is there going to be a Pokemon game for Wii U?

Nobody knows if there will be a Pokemon Wii Disc game, but there is a Downloadable Pokemon Game at the Nintendo Wii Shop. It goes for 800 points or so, and it is called Pokemon Rumble.

Are they going to come out with a better Pokemon game for wii?

there making meele Pokemon scramble for wii ware

How do you start all over on Pokemon Ranch?

First, you'll probably want to withdraw as many Pokemon as you can. Then, go into Wii settings and delete your save data.

How do you get Pokemon Colosseum on Wii?

there is no Pokemon Collusem for wii only for(N64, and Gamecube) There is a similar game for wii called ''Pokemon Battle Revelution'' I have it.... But trust me it is not that good. I would rate it 3.7 out of 10.00

Where to buy Pokemon Ranch for Wii?

Go in the Wii Shop and buy it.

Can Pokemon diamond be played on the Wii?

yes if you have battle reveliton for wii

How do you register your wii number in Pokemon platinum?

put your wii code in

Is Pokemon coloseum going to be out for Wii?

No, there won't be a Wii version of Colosseum.

Can Pokemon soul-silver connect to wii?

yes if a wii is in range