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Wash your clothes or skin; for each substance use the recommendations from the MSDS (Materials Safety Data Sheet).

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Q: What do you do if chemicals spill on you?
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How can the effects of an oil spill be reduced?

chemicals can be sprayed from helicopters

Why do you have to use materials appropriately?

We use the materials to not spill any chemicals

Why should you wear a lab apron when working in a lab?

so if you spill chemicals on yourself your cloths wont get full of chemicals>

How does a chemical spill affect the hydrosphere?

It fills the water with chemicals and that is very bad

What is a sentence for the word spill?

In Chemistry, we are working on a lab, and our teacher said be careful not to spill any chemicals as it could be dangerous.

What is a spillage kit?

A kit specifically designed to address a major spill of chemicals on the ground.

How should you dress in the lab?

Very carefully, so as not to spill any dangerous chemicals on you before you are dressed.

Why is it important to wear a apron on the lab?

So if you spill dangerous chemicals on yourself, your clothes wont burn.

3 Why do you tend to assume that natural chemicals are safe while industrial chemicals are evil?

The fact is, both can be harmful. Natural chemicals such as Arsenic prove fatal. Theories that all chemicals were bad were likely launched by the Exxon Valdez oil spill.

Why you should use a piece of paper when transferring solid chemicals to a test tube?

So that the chemical won't spill

How would the oil spill affect living things?

For one, chemicals from the oil can enter the bodies of sea creatures and cause them death.

When cleaning an oil spill in a lake what method is best bioremediation or excavation?

The best method to be employed when cleaning an oil spill in a lake is bioremediation because it is a natural process that destroys toxic chemicals other than just merely having them separated.