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you make a new penguin.

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Q: What do you do if ive forgotten your username on club penguin?
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Can you unlock a puffle on Club Penguin?

for the time ive been on club penguin i dont think so

How do you cancel a club penguin membership if you dont have the username or password?

Are you Crazy?Why, are you so out of your mind that you are thinking of deleting someone's membership?by the way it is IMPOSSIBLENo i wasnt. Ive got a member account and forgot the password

What is mimo777s favourite server on club penguin?

its great to know ive been discovered on club penguin my fave surver is the one im on most which is deep freeze i love it

Where do you get the soda in mission 8 on club penguin?

In the bottom bit of the lighthouse.Trust me, Ive done it twice.

What do you do with the fur on club penguin case of the missing coins?

u ive it to g so he can investagate

What do you do after ive got the yellow puffle out of the stage on club penguin?

GIV the clock missing paper to him

Does the gold crck when you hit it long enough on club penguin?

Ive tryed it probibly doesnt though!

Is there a club penguin password finder no download?

i dont think there is ive been searching and havent found it

Will there be a rainbow puffle on Club Penguin?

Ive heard that if you tip the iceberg, Aunt Arctic will give you a golden puffle but ive never heard of a rainbow puffle lol

Why is club penguin for older people?

im yung and ive been playing for a long time my penguin is 1040 years old and i have 5 accountsso its not for older people.

What is the new puffle coming up in club penguin in 2010?

ive heard there gonna be a new puffle and its the orange puffle!

Where are all the treats on Club Penguin at?

one is at the dock another is at the cove that's as far as ive got soo far!