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If you are involved with a person you catch flirting with someone else, you can confront them about it.

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It means he wants someone else but is flirting with you as a second resort if the person he likes doesnt like him back

First ask yourself, If he was flirting with someone else would I like it? Most guys that have feelings for you will not like you flirting with someone else.

definatley. if ur boyfriend or girlfriend is flirting with someone else, they will get jealous and end it.

Flirting means that if someone likes someone else, they do something to make the other person notice them. They'll try to do something witty, and try to make someone realize they like them.

Well you get a feeling that your in love with them.And if their flirting with someone else choose somebody else.

not necessarily... if you have an open relationship, then no but if u dont then yeah.

If you like someone you can show him/her by flirting

it either means that he 's trying to make you jelouse

yes it does because its pretty shady if your "talking" to her and you both like each other and you end up being with someone else or talk to someone else

if she acts like she likes you ask her . if she says no then she is jus flirting with you.

When they mess with you more than they mess with anyone else, and if they look at you more than they look at anyone else, you should probably be able to tell.

If he was laughing, then he was probably (in a way) flirting with you. Think of it... if it was someone else who poked him, would he smile?

Emotionally cheating is mentally & emotionally being with someone else; this includes leading your current bf/gf on or flirting.

If he is flirting with you and you like him too, he might really want to be with u. If hes flirting with another girl he might: A. Like you B. Like someone else

Most of the time it could be seen as flirting.

that means hes just flirting with you but he really has feelings for someone else. hes most likely single and is livng the single life , most people who are single do a whole lot of flirting so dont think what hes doing is anymore than it actually is.

Usually you will know when someone is flirting with you because they will be nervous, shy, and sometimes they wont stop smiling at you.

It's normal to be attracted to someone who already is in a relationship, but don't act on those feelings (seeking them out, flirting) until they are single again.

if a guy stops flirting with you that means they don't like you anymore and they like someone else.

The simple answer to this is no. Flirting with another girl is how most cheaters start, and no one should ever cheat on their partner. Flirting with someone gives them the message that you LIKE the person as more than a friend, and giving someone that idea while you have someone else is just wrong.

advantages: having someone to be there for you knowing that your crush likes you back being in a relationship using that relationship to get out of an unwanted one coming from someone else disadvantages: no flirting/kissing with anyone else people will see you flirting/kissing with someone else if you do, and report it to the other person in a relationship (its only human) breaking up having problems the teasing of fellow peers it's hard to go back to actually being friends the nagging

Usually when they are flirting, that means that they like the one they are flirting with.