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All the police and report it stolen, contact the Department of motor vehicles and your insurance company.

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Q: What do you do if someone took your license plate?
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How can someone tell where a car is from by its license plate?

Each car is required to show a license plate as part of its registration. In America, the issuing state will be shown either at the bottom or top of the license plate.

Which site has free license plate checks?

the best way to have a license plate check done is to find someone who knows how to do a license plate check. usually the person that knows what they are doing will not mess up the job.

What is the presidents license plate?

I took this picture last week on i70 headed west between topeka and Kansas city. I just looked it up and it said this is the presidents license plate number. Wait, what?

Can police look up someone address by the license plate number?

Yes, they can look up the address of the person to whom the license plate is registered.


form_title= License Plate Search form_header= Find the license plate you are looking for. What state are you searching for?*= _ What is the license plate number?*= _ Is this for a non-commercial vehicle?*= () Yes () No

Who invented the license plate?

Who invented the license plate?

Where can you look up a license plate?

you can look a license plate in any office that were do you get your license card/you can get your license plate in your trainer teacher that checked you to drive...

What do you need in order to get a license plate sticker?

a license plate

Why would someone need to change their license plate to a new one if they aren't moving?


How can I find the car that this license plate number belongs to?

If you would like to find the owner of a car that a license plate belongs to you would need to contact law enforcement. If you could do that for someone then they could do it for you and would you want someone accessing your personal information with just your license plate number? Only law enforcement and the DMV have access to those files.

license plate look up?

license plate look up

free license plate lookup?

free license plate lookup

Could you inform me about how to find license plate number?

If you lose a license plate or plates and need the license plate number, you can look up your license plate number even if you no longer physically have your own.

Change a license plate light on a98 lesabre?

Remove 1. Bolts retaining license plate lamp to bumper. 2. Socket from license plate lamp. 3. License plate lamp. 4. Bulb from socket. Install or Connect 1. New bulb to socket. 2. Socket to license plate lamp. 3. License plate lamp. 4. Bolts to retain license plate lamp to bumper.

Chevy Tahoe's license plate bulb?

A Chevy Tahoe's license plate bulb can be used to light up the license plate. In the dark the license's plate will still be visible.

What is the presidents license plate number?

presidents license plate number is 0001000

Are you allowed to cover the expiration date on your license plate with a license plate frame?

No,You Are Not.

How to replace a license plate light?

How do you replace the license plate lights on a 2000 celica?

What are current California license plate numbers?

what is the california license plate current numbers

How do you get a stalker's license plate?

reverse search license plate numbers or talk to the police.

What is Emmett's license plate number in twilight?

Emmett's license plate was 44B 1YO



How many license plates do you need in new york?

you need two. A front license plate and a back license plate.

How do you put a license plate holder on a 2004 Chevy Malibu?

take off the license plate then screw the holder on with the plate.

What do you need to put insurance on someone elses car?

Registration, license plate number and title right?