Depression and Bipolar Disorder

What do you do if you're miserable beyond belief and you just wish you could die?


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If you are having these feelings on a regular basis you should find someone professional to talk to. Families are great (at least most of them) as well as friends, but they can't be objective the way a professional can and didn't go to school for years to do the job of helping you sort out where the trouble is. You may be feeling this way for a lot of reasons. Situations, like friends, work, romance, school and such which will change over time can be helped by learning coping skills from a counselor or therapist. Biological causes such as a hormone imbalance, lack of sleep or exercise, drug use, can be helped by consulting with a doctor. Emotional problems such as low self esteem, racing thoughts, obsessive thinking, lack of motivation etc. can be caused by chemical imbalances in the brain or poor self image, and can be helped by a therapist or a psychiatrist. The main thing is to know that feeling this way is a sign that something isn't working and it can be made better with the right kind of help. It may take time and some shopping around for the right answer for you, but you will feel better eventually and you are worth the effort.