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Chances are, nothing will happen if you ate a piece of cheese with some mold on it. Just do not continue to eat the cheese to prevent stomach upset.

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This depends on your own piece of cheese.

The safe was opened into like a piece of cheese concluding that it was as easy as slicing a piece of cheese

Depends how big the piece is.

Yes it is a solid because if a piece of cheese is a solid then why is a block of cheese is not is the same thing

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Because its a piece of cheese!

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Only if the cheese has fresh body fluids from a person who is HIV positive on it.

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I would prefer a piece of cheese. Milk can cause some swirling in stomach in inappropriate moment.

Oh That Limburger The Story of a Piece of Cheese - 1906 was released on: USA: 28 April 1906

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depends. how big is your fridge?

One piece contains about 6g of fat for a 28.0g serving of string cheese.

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President Andrew Jackson was given a giant piece of cheese which he kept in the White House lobby,

There is no answer to this, as a person can slice cheese as thick or as thin as they like, and the piece of cheese they slice it from can be of any height or any length.

Cheese is important to Ben Gunn because the doctor had had a piece of parmesan cheese saved for him in his snuff-box.

it was made in china and it was made in 1997

It is a double cheeseburger with only one piece of cheese.

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