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The statute of limitations varies from state to state, but if the owner of the vehicle has not called after a sufficiently long period of time that a person under normal circumstances would have been presumed to call, then you are absolved from any wrong doing.... if you hit the car in a public parking area, it is a no-fault accident and each respective insurance policy would have to pay for repairs unless proven (or admitted) fault is established. and there is no one to exchange information with, then there must have been no driver in that car, and therefore your vehicle must have been the only one in motion and that would almost certainly mean you were At Fault.

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form_title=Parking Lot Insurance form_header=Parking lots present a number of hazards. Be prepared with an insurance plan that covers those unexpected incidents. Is this parking lot for a place of business?= () Yes () No Is your parking lot currently under surveilance or monitored by security?= () Yes () No What is the maximum vehicular capacity of your parking lot?=_ Do you currently contract the maintenance of your parking lot?= () Yes () No

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it is a huge number debrah is stupid with her iphone

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To add contacts to your iPhone simply dial the number and you will see the add contact option to save the number.

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