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If you are crying for no reason then you need to find out why you are crying. Because if you are crying for no reason there gots to be something wrong!

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Q: What do you do if you are crying for no reason?
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When was Reason of Crying created?

Reason of Crying was created on 2007-07-08.

What do you do if the baby is crying for no reason?

If there is no reaosn baby will not cry.

Why am i crying but I am not sad?

I'm not sad but I just start crying around midnight for no reason. It'll be out of nowhere.

How do you make your sibling stop crying?

To make a sibling stop crying, you must first find out why they are crying. Are they hurt or upset? Are they looking attention? As soon as you can deteremine the reason for their crying, the sooner you can get them to stop.

Why do people think that crying is funny?

I think people think it is funny at first because crying and laughing often sound the same. So unless they are a very cruel person, I don't know anyone who would think someone crying is funny. Though I do think that some people might think someone crying was funny if the reason they were crying was ridiculous or if the reason was hilarious. It still does not make thinking that someone crying is "funny", justified.

Why do I keep crying for no reason I don't feel sad or depressed and I am not pregnant?

Spike in estrogen levels for some reason?

What was the reason for Mayella crying in court?

she was under a lot of pressure from her father to lie

Why do you keep crying for no reason?

that means whatever happened to you hurt you very much.

How do you get a baby girl to stop crying loud?

Figure out what's wrong with her. She's crying for a reason. It's her only way to communicate. Just the same as you can speak, she cries, figure out why she's crying and then you'll have your answer.

Can crying cause a miscarriage?

No, all the normal body functions are not dangerous when you are pregnant or cause a miscarriage. If the reason you are crying is severe shock or something then maybe.

What are some ways to respond to crying children?

Singing is a way to tend to a crying child. Feeding for some children works when their not too upset or hurt. Depends on the reason for the child's crying. Some cases just ignoring them is helpful, they maybe just crying for attention.

Is crying bad for the baby?

Crying is natural. It usually means that the baby needs/wants something. Food and comfort are the two main reason an infant cries.

What is the reason for hiccups?

the reason for getting the hiccups is because your crying ouloud. the way you get rid of them you ask well you have to hold your breath for 10 seconds.

What does it mean you dreamed of your granddaughter is crying?

Crying illustrates being sad due to something. Grand daughter cries due to some reason. May be you might have hurt her that is why you see this.

Why was WWE wrestler kharma crying on raw?

People say that she was crying because there are too many girls but that is not true the real reason why is because she was pregnant and she couldn't fight that is what her doctor said

How do you help your girlfriend stop crying?

First try and understand her reason for crying. Comfort her, but if she cries because you, that means you are doing some thing hurtful and you need to stop the action that hurts her.

What does it mean when you start crying for no reason?

You probably have a reason. Something you've been trying not to feel, like if you ignore it its not there, but it is. And your emotions are telling you- Hey! Don't ignore me!

What problem is that in which person cry without reason?

it depends. they could just be thinking about something sad, but crying with no obvious reason may mean depression. Crying not because of emotion or when somethings in your eye may mean some kind of ocular problem, specifically the tear ducts

What might be the reason for mayella crying in the court?

She knows she is lying, and is under pressure from her father to not give the story away

What happens if a person cries daily?

If a person is crying for no reason at all they may be depressed and should see their doctor. Sometimes hormonal changes in the young and also adults can cause crying which is normal for some people. If someone is grieving for a person then crying every day is not unusual until the heart heals. Crying is a way to release the bodies tension.

Is rain God crying?

it is god crying

Is crying an adjective?

It can be, referring to a crying person. Crying can also be a verb form, and a noun (gerund) meaning the act of crying, or making a cry (crying out).

Is crying adjective?

It can be, referring to a crying person. Crying can also be a verb form, and a noun (gerund) meaning the act of crying, or making a cry (crying out).

How should you punish a new born for crying?

You should not punish a newborn for crying. You should investigate and find the reason for the crying. This could be anything from colic, dirty diaper, not being burped correctly after feeding and the list goes on and on. A newborn doesn't cry for no reason and is attempting to communicate in it's limited 'vocabulary.' Never punish a child for anything that is beyond its control and, to a newborn, EVERYTHING is beyond their control.

Why are you crying for no reason?

Chemical imbalance in the brain or you just bottle everything up until you have to release everything. Its very common