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maybe his too shy or his not ready yet

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What if a boy says no when you ask him out?

hang out with him and get to know him and then you might see he likes you!

You like a boy who likes someone else?

Well tell that boy that you like him and ask the girl that he likes if she likes him, if she says no than he is all yours!

How do you get a mean sixth grade boy admit he likes you?

Ask him if he says no than ask one of his friends to ask him who he likes and tell you but if he can't bad luck

You think this boy likes you how do you make sure but you don't ask himif he likes you?

get a close friend to ask him if he likes you and if he says yes well and good, if he says no just pretend you know nothing about it and it was just a joke

How do you ask a boy out if your best friend likes him to?

ask you friend if its o k to ask him out . if she says no and you realy like him do it secretly

How do YOU GET A boy that is 8 years old?

If you be your self and ask him how much he likes you out of 10 and if he says 10 out of 4,5,6,7,8,9,10 ask him to be you boy freind and go from there.

How do you find out who a boy likes?

Tell the boy to have a private convo with you and ask him if he likes anybody just randomly and if he says none try and beg him to tell you

You like a boy that you know likes you and you are too scared to ask him out what do you do?

first if you know the guy start out on a casual conversation then ask him if he likes you if he says yes then ask him out!! if he says no dont worry there are other fish in the sea.

How do you ask a shy boy to be your boyfriend?

ask him like you would an unshy boy. if you dont know how then tell him you like him and ask if he likes you. if he says no, then hes shy so he wont make a big deal out of it. and if he says no, dont ask again for awhile or he will think your creepy. if he says yes, then ask him to be your boy friend.

How do you know if a boy likes you if you met him on Kik?

just ask him it wont be too awkward if he says no

What should you ask a boy?

You should ask him what he likes to do and likes.

What do you do If you like a boy and you ask him if he likes you and he just stands there?

Just ask him if he wants to hang out and when he seems confortable and then ask him if he says he likes u ask him out ok just try it and see wat happens

How do you get a 3rd grade boy to ask you to be his girlfrind?

you should have a friend ask if he likes you and if he says yes go up to him and say will you go out with me

How do you get a boy to ask me out when i go to an all girls school but he says he likes me?

If you have some more time say meet me somewhere and ask him then

What if a boy likes you but never asks you out?

Move on to a boy that likes you and will ask.lol no just ask him out you dom

What do do when you ask a girl out and she says she likes a boy and you don't know who?

well you have to be supportive of this girl and wish her luck and if she likes this guy try to be happy for her.

How do you see if a boy is single?

ask his best friend who he likes, if the friend says no one, then he's single, if he gives you a name, then ask if she likes him back, if the answer is no, then he's single. good luck.

What if a boy says your my bff?

It means he totally likes you. This means that you should drop everything you are doing and ask him out girl!

How do you get a boy to ask you out in 5 grade?

Act like his Friend for a few days and then ask if he likes you because you heard it from someone.if he says no why very fast or pauses and asks why then he probably does.If he just says yes then he likes you enough to not worry about you not liking him.i know this because i am 11 and am a boy

How will you if a boy like you?

if a boy liked you see if he realy likes you and if he realy likes you and if he likes you you should ask him out

What if a boy says your funny?

It means he is thinking that you like him and you are flirting. If a boy says your funny, than it either means you said a good joke, or he actually likes you. Really, it just depends on the boy. Otherwise I don't know. (if you think he likes you, than ask him!) yes thxs

If you have feelings for your best friend what should you do?

Well first is your friend a boy or girl? Boy: You should ask him if he likes you. If he says no then just back off a little. If he says yes ask him out. Do not have someone do it for you though, and you do not want him to think you are a baby by having someone else ask for you, so ask yourself. Girl: You should try and figure if she likes you or not. If she says she likes you, then ask her out one day. If she says, no she does not like you, then back off and find someone else. Although it may still be good to tell her your feelings, though even if she doesn't have feelings for you.

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