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Go on a talk show or get interviewed by reporters. Better yet, write a book about it.

I recommend that you try not to anger it, first of all... and second of all, if you boast about it and such, people will think you're crazy (just look at me). Be calm and don't freak out, just ignore it in most cases, and if it talks to you, ect. then answer it politely if possible. Otherwise, call Ghost Busters.

- Cheshire Kat

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Q: What do you do if you can see spirits?
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Do you see spirits when you are a baby?

There is no evidence to confirm nor refute the claim that infants see spirits.

Can you partially see spirits?


How do you hear and see spirits?

By using your imagination.

Why cant you see spirits but they can see us?

Some spirits you can see but you have to look hard, I don't think they can see us you might have to have a professional look at that part. -P.I.H.C. (Paranormal Investigators of Hardin County)

How do you find spirits?

what kind of spirits? if you mean duel spirits you can only see them on the show. if you mean a card that lists spirit next to its effect then you have to buy or trade for them.

Do you why people see spirits?

To help them reach understanding.

What do you do with kids that can see and feel ghosts and spirits?

Kill them!

Can baby spirits talk?

yes they can they can see and talk

What does Tycen mean?

High Spirits - see link below:

Are there ghosts or spirits in this world?

Yes, but you cant always see them.

Is there a way to contact spirits?

There is a way. You have to have a voice recorder and ask the spirits questions and see if you caught any activity (you have to have an improved recorder).

Can baby's see spirits?

Supposedly it is the case in the TV show "Ghost Whisperer" but it could be true if you believe in ghosts and spirits. No. Babies cannot see imaginary things unless they suffer from mental illness. "Ghost Whisperer" is a fictional television show, not a documentary.