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You need to find out why it's failing a check. If it's identity theft, file a report with your local police and contact the Social Security Administration with the report number. They can flag the card or -- in rare cases -- issue another number. Until you know why your SS# is failing checks, you can't deal with it.

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Q: What do you do if you cannot get a job because your Social Security card fails a background check?
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Can you stop social security payments from coming out paycheck?

No. You cannot "opt out" of social security.

Why is Social Security still important today?

Social Security is important today because it prevents the applications in which the President can take from a Credit Card Holder. A Social Security holds one's identity and cannot be replaced.

Can you apply for social security disability if getting social security?

Unfortunately, this is the same thing and you cannot.

Is social security capitalized?

A number cannot be capitalized.

What is the percentage of Social Security Disability income a collections agency can take in Kansas?

Social Security Disability cannot be garnished.

Can you draw Social Security and unemployment if you retire from your job?

Yes, you can draw Social Security, but no, you cannot collect unemployment if you retire.

Is social security number capitalized?

A number cannot be capitalized.

Is there money in your name tied to your social security number at your access?

You cannot access your social security entitlement until you are eligible to collect social security. Then the people who are working will fund your entitlement.

Can you change your social security number to get a job?

No, you cannot change your social security number to get a job you must use the number you are assigned.

Is it unlawful not to have a social security card?

No, but it is unlawful to work if you do not have a social security card. You also cannot be claimed as a dependent on anyone's taxes.

Can an illegal alien get a social security number legally?

No. Social Security Numbers are for U.S. citizens only. Until you try and become a citizen, you cannot have one because they don't legally know you're even here.

How do you recover a lost social security number?

You cannot lose a social security number.It is assigned to you when you apply and it does not change. You can lose your card. In that case just go to the nearest social security office and ask for a replacement.

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