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You need to find out why it's failing a check. If it's identity theft, file a report with your local police and contact the Social Security Administration with the report number. They can flag the card or -- in rare cases -- issue another number. Until you know why your SS# is failing checks, you can't deal with it.


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Social Security is important today because it prevents the applications in which the President can take from a Credit Card Holder. A Social Security holds one's identity and cannot be replaced.

No. You cannot "opt out" of social security.

Unfortunately, this is the same thing and you cannot.

Yes, you can draw Social Security, but no, you cannot collect unemployment if you retire.

You cannot access your social security entitlement until you are eligible to collect social security. Then the people who are working will fund your entitlement.

No, you cannot change your social security number to get a job you must use the number you are assigned.

No, but it is unlawful to work if you do not have a social security card. You also cannot be claimed as a dependent on anyone's taxes.

A number cannot be capitalized.

No. Social Security Numbers are for U.S. citizens only. Until you try and become a citizen, you cannot have one because they don't legally know you're even here.

You cannot lose a social security number.It is assigned to you when you apply and it does not change. You can lose your card. In that case just go to the nearest social security office and ask for a replacement.

Social security and retirment benefits cannot be attached by a judgement from creditors.

No, you cannot use a social security card to withdraw money. A social security card may be useful if you want to open a bank account, though, and you can withdraw money from that.

The social security card is an identification document. It is not a form of payment. You cannot use it to pay bills. You will need to use your social security check or other paycheck to pay bills with.

Yes if he has worked and paid into social security. Do not wait. Call the social security office in your state and find out. Understand, that you cannot collect your social security and your husbands at the same time. They will explain it to you when you call.

No, not anyone can require a social security number.In most cases, the general public will never need your social security number, but if someone does, be suspicious. Usually, only government or bank forms (and other types of official forms) are the only things that should require your social security number.For example, the grocery store cashier cannot require your social security number because you are buying too many apples.

In some states, yes. However, in the state of Texas, teachers do not and cannot have Social Security deducted from their paychecks.

No. Social Security is meant for people who are completely disabled and cannot work. Welfare checks are given to struggling single women with children.

No you cannot collect social security benefits while collecting unemployment benefits.

You can find the application for a social security card online, but you cannot submit it online. if you go to the social security website, you can find the application in pdf format and the address of where to send the form to.

Social Security benefits cannot be attached by a judgement.

No. I have no idea where you would have got this notion. Social Security cards are not credit cards and cannot be used as credit cards.

1.Illegal immigrants cannot aliens cannot

There is nothing 'illegal' about your parents not giving you your social security card. If you are a minor, your parents have the legal authority to make most all decisions concerning many areas. Why do you need your social security card? These cards serve no purpose, and cannot be used as a form of ID. Duplicate social security cards can be applied for at any social security office.

This question cannot be completely answered because pictures cannot be posted on this website. Social Security cards are semi-from cards printed on blue paper. They have statue-like designs around the interior perimeter of the card. The cardholder's name is typed in the center with a line beneath to sign.

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