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I'm not sure what you mean when you say that you "discovered" that you had unsafe sex. Were you conscious? It sounds like there may be some type of criminal activiity. Talk to a trusted friend, parent or somoene at school. This is a serious issue that shouldn't be ignored.

2006-08-07 05:03:47
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How do gay WOMEN get aids?

BY HAVING UNSAFE SEX OR SHARING DRUG NEEDLES JUST LIKE ANYBODY ELSA By having unsafe sex just like anybody Else and using drugs there is no exception to the rule

How to avoid pregnancy and have unsafe sex?

You cant avoid pregnancy and have unsafe sex by definition. However, if you are using a good oral contraceptive or injection for example it is possible. These two are mutually exclusive. Unsafe sex is UNSAFE.

Unsafe sex for 2 minutes can you be infected with HIV?

Unsafe sex for 2 minutes can infect you with HIV.

What actors and actresses appeared in Unsafe Sex in the City - 2012?

The cast of Unsafe Sex in the City - 2012 includes: Jasmine Goode as herself

If your gay do you automatically get aids?

No, you don't get AIDS because you are gay.. You only get AIDS, by having unsafe sex, and anyone straight or gay can have unsafe sex and get AIDS.

Can you have unsafe sex Monday and get a positive pregnancy result Thursday?

you could get a positive pregnancy test on Thursday, however, it is not a pregnancy resulting from the unsafe sex on Monday. ~pawsalmighty

What are the four ways of transmitting HIV?

1. Unsafe sex 2. Unsafe transfusion of blood 3. Mosquioto bite

How do you avoid pregnancy after four weeks of unsafe sex?

1stly. Pregnancy isn't the unsafe part, STDs are. 2ndly. If pregnancy hasn't occured yet, just start using bith control, there are many different methods.

Can a woman contract aids by having unsafe sex for a one min?

yes just by coming in contact with the penis of a person that has aids you can contract it

What would your mom think if you got preganet at 14?

you had unsafe sex

What are the symptoms of unsafe sex?

Std's and this little thing called a baby..

When did edison discover light?

when he had sex with your mom

can you be pregnant if you Had a quick period after coming off the pill then had unsafe sex?


Is it wise to get pregnant at 13?

No, it's very, very stupid. At 13 you should not be having sex, let alone unsafe sex.

Why should schools teach about birth control?

So the students do not have unsafe unprotected sex.

Can you get pregnant if you haven't had your period yet?

Technical you can. If you have unsafe sex just before you have your first period you can get pregnant. Before a period you are fertile, so its better to be safe than sorry..

If yu just had unsafe sex when should yu stop smoking?

First it is never a good idea to smoke but if you do, the first signs that you are pregnant should be the indicator to you to quit smoking.

What are the five international health risks?

Underweight, unsafe sex, iron deficiency, indoor smoke from solid fuels (lack of proper ventilation), and unsafe water, sanitation, and hygiene

What is the chance of getting pregnancy due to unsafe sex on 5th day of period?

very litle

Is it unsafe to have intercourse 8 days after last day of menstruation?

You can get pregnant any time you have sex.

How did they discover neon?

i had sex with my girl friend last night

What is the real sex of shiva?

Moment we get to know the sex of nature, earth and this planet, we will be able to discover the answer of your question

Last period was on May 22 afterthat you had unsafe sex on June 12 May you pregeant?

It is too soon to be pregnant from sex you had 3 days ago.

Why is human cloning unsafe?

its safe, its just not moral

How can i reduce pregnancy possibility after twoo weeks of unsafe sex?

Use birth control--check for pregnancy--