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if you do not know that your girlfriend loves you, you should try asking her if she love you or you should ask her if she likes someone else


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He has a girlfriend so it wont matter if he loves you or not. He clearly does not care enough about you to leave.

You don't, but if she is then that is her problem. It is your ex-girlfriend, you should have moved on.

You have to speak to your girlfriend about the situation and see what she is ready to do.

We dont know if he has a girlfriend yet But were still waiting.

You know if your girlfriend still loves you if she does something for you. Love is not sweet words but it is deeds. If she ever really loved you, she will have sacrificed herself in little ways just for you. If she never cared about you, she never loved you.If you don't know now that she loves you, then you know she doesn't. It should be obvious.

if you notice he/she gets weird when you talk about your boyfriend/girlfriend then you know they still love you but if they dont get weird when you talk about them then they are fine with you going out with someone else because they have moved on.

i dont know but he loves his girlfriend jade jackson<3

face the facts girl he dont know what he wants and dont care enough to figure it out or he would be with you so find his best friend and sleep with him it will give you closure.

they dont because inuyasha still loves kikiyo ( i dont know why she's dead and ugly) but they do kiss in the 2nd movie ok hope you engoy :)

i dont know but he really loves his girlfriend jade jackson<3

Request for sex, if she declines, she does not love u anymore

you think you can forgive him or you belive you still have a chance. however if you dont feel anything for him tell him you dont and he will move on.

She asks your friends how you are doing, if you are seeing anyone and if you ask about her.

NO Eric Cartmen Dose Not Have A girlfriend Yet We Still Dont Know But ITS A Possibility its not

i dont know why she loves him

If you wanna know then just ask her. She might be honest or if shes lying then u would know.

you know how your gurlfriends loves you because she cant put itinto words how she feels about you.

You will know that your girlfriend loves you if she tells you so but more importantly, if she shows you that she loves you. If she lets you know that she is thinking of you when you're not around each other, if she does little things to surprise you and if she makes you happy, then she loves you.

no he loves me even though he dont know me no he loves me even though he dont know me

I would say that it depends on your relationship. Why did you guys separate in the first place? How long were you together? And how is your relationhip now? Do you guys still talk?

They dont break-up with you!! or they ask for you back. THey obviously dont like you if they broke up with you in the first place.

if they have a lonely look on there face but when hes near she tries too look good

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