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If you have an infection on your finger start by putting antibacterial ointment and a band aid over the infected area. If it is a severe infection contact your physician you might need antibiotics.

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2013-08-17 00:08:19
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Q: What do you do if you have a infection in your finger?
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Can you die from a wart infection on your finger?


How do you cure an infected finger?

Having an infection can be bothersome. To heal an infected finger, one must find the cause of the infection and clean out area.

What can happen if you finger your girlfriend with unwashed hands?

she may have an infection...

Why can't I finger myself without it hurting?

Maybe you have an infection. You should get it checked out.

A child with red hot infected finger is brought into a clinic a week after the infection has set in Why does the doctor order and X ray?

to make sure there is no infection

What causes swelling of the supratrochlear lymph nodes?

Infection possibly on your hand, namely the ring finger, though it could be any finger. Especially if you bite your nails, that can cause an infection around edges of the finger. If its swollen that means the lymph node is working to fight off an infection. In an unlikely event it can indicate cancer. It, is best to have it examined by a medical expert. Regards, Dr. Ali Cheema (Islamabad, Pakistan)

What is finger pain a symptom of?

Finger pain can be caused by injury, infection, diseases, arthritis, or even Reynaud's syndrome. Have a doctor evaluate the condition for possible treatment options.

Can you develop a viral infection if you prick your finger from dissecting a dead cat in a lab?

Possibly, mabey, mabey not

What is a sentence for amputate?

We need to amputate the leg before the infection spreads.The surgeon begins to amputate the finger.

What can I do for a swollen finger from the fingernail?

See your doctor. The infection could lead to blood poisoning (septicaemia) if ignored.

Why is your finger tips purple and swollen?

Either it's frostbite or an infection. I would see a doctor soon.

Can surgical spirits be used for a fungal nail infection?

I was informed to dip finger into White Vinagar as often as possible

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