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Loose Baby Teeth

A loose "baby tooth" will normally come out on its own through normal chewing. Occasionally they are swallowed, but that is harmless. If the tooth has not fallen out by the time the permanent tooth erupts, it may need to be removed by the dentist.

Loose Permanent Teeth

There are two usual possibilities: your tooth is fractured, or you are suffering from gum disease that weakens the tissue firmly holding the tooth.

If your tooth is fractured, you would probably feel pain from cold. But when your tooth is loose, the most common reason is your gums. If you are suffering from gum disease, you must get it treated right away before your tooth gets too loose and you would have to remove it. You should consult a dentist or a periodontist (gum speacialist) who will start with a tooth scaling and maybe a curetage depending of how advanced your condition is.

In rare cases, diseases or medications can weaken the bone that anchors your tooth. The living root is the important lifeline that keeps a tooth healthy, and damage to the bone or the root can make a tooth less rigid.

Your dental professional is the best person to consult on tooth problems. You should avoid any delay that can allow a bad situation to become worse.

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Q: What do you do if you have a loose tooth?
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Over the counter products for loose tooth?

what product can i use for a loose tooth

Why is a loose baby tooth turning gray?

A loose baby tooth that is turning gray or black is a dead tooth. A dentist can take the tooth out.

When does your baby loose there first tooth?

Your baby can loose there first tooth around the age of six. Your baby can loose there first tooth around the age of six.

How do you take out a loose tooth?

wiggle it. Is There Any Other Way To Take A Loose Tooth Out

Should you take your child to the dentist if their cavity in their tooth is loose?

No. There is no point if the tooth is loose.

How do you loss a tooth when it is not loose?

If a tooth is not loose then the only way you can loose it is if somebody knocks it out or if you bang it off of something hard

How do you pull out a tooth that is not loose?

On pulling a not loose tooth seems pretty easy. I had a not loose tooth then all I did was push it out then push it in. It doesn't hurt at all! It also automatically falls out cos it will get loose and then pull it!

How do you know if your loose tooth is an adult tooth or a baby tooth?

How old are you? If you are young (under 12 or 13 years old) and if you haven't hit the tooth lately, then it's probably a baby tooth. It is rare for a child to have a loose adult tooth. If you are an adult and have a loose tooth, it could be gum disease.

Is it normal to have a loose tooth at 12?

yes it is normal to loose a tooth at 12 because i lost mine first tooth at 6

How do you tell a baby tooth from an adult tooth?

ask your dentistlook underneath the loose tooth if you see a white bump then it is baby tooth if loose enoughyou might might see a little bump underneath the loose toothlook at the signs of the other loose tooth like if it turns pink or see roots like that

If you have a loose tooth is it better to brush or dont brush?

Even if you have a loose tooth, you should still brush your teeth. It may hurt, but if you want to, don't brush the tooth that is loose. Enjoy this answer!

Does milk help a loose tooth?

No. Nothing will help a loose tooth. It is dying and usually can't be saved.

How can you make your tooth loose?

get a pair of pliers and wiggle your tooth with it

Can your new tooth come out crooked if you wiggle your loose tooth?

no it did not with me

Are tooth fairies real because you have a loose tooth?

Not real.

How do you get a loose tooth out?

wiggle it :)

How do you pull a kinda loose tooth out?

if your tooth isn't that loose and you need to lose it, then all you can really do is wiggle and twist it.

What are the ratings and certificates for Loose Tooth - 1997?

Loose Tooth - 1997 is rated/received certificates of: USA:G

What do you do for a loose tooth that has been chipped?

If the tooth was loose due to impact, you should seek a dentist. They may be able to fix it. For the chip, the dentist can also repair that. I had a similar experience where I fell, and chipped a tooth and caused it to be loose. The dentist repaired the appearance of the tooth and the tooth stabalised itself after a while.

If your wisdom tooth is loose will it come out?

Possibly, but a loose wisdom tooth is a sign of other problems that need attention from a dentist.

If you get a cavity on a loose tooth will the dentist fill it?

No, because your loose tooth will fall out eventually, than you won't have anything to worry about.

When a child's loose tooth moves sideways is this bad?

no that is not bad it just means your child's loose tooth is really lose

How do you get a loose tooth out when the adult tooth is coming through over it?

you can just wait, or spin your baby tooth around to make it loose enough to fall out (or you just pull it out!)!

How can you tell if a tooth is loose?

By pulling it out.

What if tooth is loose?

Then you lose teeth.