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If you like the guy, maybe you should pull a Sadie Hawkins and ask him out. Maybe he's just afraid you'll say no if he asks you. I hope all goes well with this guy.

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What is the plural of shy?

The plural of shy is shies. As in "she shies away from the compliment".

What shies starts with c?

Shies is the sudden movement by a startled horse. A startled horse may charge off at a fast run.

What is the plural for shy?

The plural of the noun shy is shies.

How do you spell shies?

The spelling "shies" is the third-person singular, present tense of the verb to shy, meaning to avoid (shy away).A similar word is "shyest" (most shy, most reticent).

What is a 5 letter word for flinches?

shies, jerks, ducks, balks

What does the Mexican grey wolf do around humans?

It shies away, trying to evade humans.

What rhymes with compromise?

eyes, hides (slant rhyme) bides, sides, rides, shies,

How tall is lady gaga with shoes?

normal height is 5.1 and with shies how ever tall they are + 5.1

Is a semi-wild horse a high spirited horse?

High spirited horse means a frisky horse that still has wild horse tendancies and has not had it's spirit completely broken. May indicate that it 'borks' or 'shies' or likes to move quickly or it may indicate that it bucks or rears but not necessarily.

How do you train gerbils not to bite your fingers?

Put a drop of water on each finger, and hold it out to your gerbil. If s/he shies away, its a good sign, and do this once a day for about a week.

Did Jim Martin worked with Jim Henson?

Yes He worked a bit with the late Muppet creator Jim Henson and colleague Frank Oz, but he shies away from bragging about being close.

Where did the character Samantha Jones originate from?

The character Samantha Jones originated from the HBO television series "Sex and the City" first produced in 1998. She is obsessed with sex and has numerous brief affairs, but shies away from true love.

What rhymes with wise?

Size, prize, cries, dies, flies, lies, pies, shies, spies, ties, tries, highs, thighs buys, rise.buyscriesdriesdyesdieseyesfliesguysliespiesrisesighssizeskiestiesvise

What rhymes with flies?

Tries, cries, complies, dies, pies, lies, ties, dries, comprise, decries,piesgoodbyesshiesdiescriestiessighs•Skies•Lies•Ties•Dies•Tries•Comprise•Complies•Pies•Cries•driesEyes, dies,Buyes and Lies

What makes Eminem special?

Perhaps the characteristic that most sets Eminem apart from other artists in the genre of rap is his willingness to display vulnerability in his music. He never shies away from expressing his personal doubts, anxieties, and insecurities, whereas most other rappers do the opposite and try to come off as strong and cocky.

What rhymes with baptize?

Rhymes with baptize:AdviseAgonizeApologizeAppliesAriseChastiseCompriseDiesDriesEyesFliesFranchiseFriesGuysHighsLiesPiesPliesPriesPrisePrizeRiseShiesSighsSizeSkiesSpiesSuppliesSurmiseSurpriseThighsTiesTriesViesWhysWise

Will you go out with the guy you like?

if the guy is married no. if the guy is single ask yourself what exactly attracts you to him... all physical? probably wont do too much in the long run what if he is an a-hole??? get to know him as a friend dont be afraid to ask the tough questions marriage kids,how many? , if he maybe even simpler goals in life education? if he shies away from real life choices then no

What type of home would be best for an unneutered 4 year old poodle that is startled by loud noises and shies away from having its head petted?

I would think a quiet home with an elderly person. But get it neutered! As far as him shying away from having his head petted, the owner could just pet his side, or maybe with time and patience he will learn to trust someone to pet his head.

How do you hug your moshi monster?

You can't hug your monster but you can tickle it by pressing your mouse down and while holding it, drag your mouse around your monster. If your monster is laughing and smiling then you know your doing it right! When your monster starts to look annoyed and shies away from you, it means he/she has had enough and wants you to stop. Tickling your monster is a good way to boost up your monster's happiness without having to pay any Rox!

What are some five letter words with 2nd letter H and 3rd letter I and 4th letter E?

According to SOWPODS (the combination of Scrabble dictionaries used around the world) there are 8 words with the pattern -HIE-. That is, five letter words with 2nd letter H and 3rd letter I and 4th letter E. In alphabetical order, they are: chief chiel rhies shied shiel shier shies thief

What are some five letter words with 2nd letter H and 4th letter E and 5th letter S?

According to SOWPODS (the combination of Scrabble dictionaries used around the world) there are 5 words with the pattern -H-ES. That is, five letter words with 2nd letter H and 4th letter E and 5th letter S. In alphabetical order, they are: ghees rhies shies shoes thees

Is the word shy a pronoun?

No, the word 'shy' is a verb (shy, shies, shying, shied) and an adjective (shy, shyer, shiest).Examples:Don't shy away form the difficult problems. (verb)The shy child peeked out from the doorway. (adjective)A pronoun is a word that takes the place of a noun in a sentence.Example: The shy child peeked out from the doorway. He had to see what way going on.The pronoun 'he' takes the place of the noun 'child' in the second sentence.

How can I clean my dogs face it sniffed and licked a dead bird in my backyard she shies away from me washing her face she i already rubbed it with water anything else i can do?

This is the person who asked the question. Sorry, forgot to mention, she didn't just rub her face all over it.She licked it until I noticed and made her stop. And please, I want responses, not a scolding. And Loalea, I am just concerned about my son's health, because he lets her lick his face alot.

How do you know whether a guy is scared of a girl or has a crush on her but is shy?

I have found this method to always work, but it might be a little nerve-racking for the girl, or maybe not. It depends on your personality. This method has yet to fail: The girl should casually touch the guys arm. It depends on the relationship between the two. If you have a pretty good friendship, then if he says something funny just laugh and touch his arm. But if not, then when his back is turned to you then touch his arm to kind of turn him around and say "Hey *insert name here*" and ask some relevant question. Why am I touching his arm? you ask. Well, if he flexes, then he likes you he's just being shy. But if he shies away, then more likely than not, he is not interested. I have asked several guys that I know if this would work and they confirmed. If they like the girl, even if they are very shy, they will flex. But if not, then they are not into you. Hope this helped! :)

What is a rising Libra?

The Ascendant or rising sign is the zodiac sign that was on the eastern horizon (the sunrise) when a native was born. It occupies the 1st house cusp in a natal chart and impart basic mannerisms and modes of dealing with the environment and others. Also the ascendant sign can influence how you appear to others, physically or through character. The exact time of birth is needed in order to calculate the rising sign. Libra rising suggests a native that shies away from conflict. This type seeks to harmonize and please everyone, often compromising their own values in order to do so. They can come off as superficial and lacking insincere when this is taken too far. This type likes a beautiful environment and is well refined in their tastes. They have excellent manners and a charming personality. They can be chatty and social butterflies. Libra rising will give symmetry to the physical appearance and elegance. Much more still depends on the state of Venus in the natl chart.