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Get him to stop. If he doesn't do that then set up a place for all four girl friends to meet. Then your uncle will be known for the cheating fraud that he is.

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Well, that was immature of you to do in the first place. You should have went to your boyfriend and talked to him about it, though it is hard to confront someone about something like that..its the right thing to do. You'd know if he was cheating if he'd get angry at you or act defensive. -I raise an eyebrow- Yes it was wrong to have your Uncle do that...and why he'd agree to do that I have no idea... but yes it was wrong.

He got the name "Kracker" from his friend Kid Rock when he was 13. He just added "Uncle" to it.

One other name for 'uncle' is the brother of one's mother. Another name for 'uncle' is the brother of one's father. Still another name for 'uncle' is the very good friend of one's parents.

my friend aunt and uncle owns it haha

just be there to comfort him and tell him if he needs anything to let you know because my uncle died today.

A similar story happened like this to me. Tell him that you know and that he should tell her. Then comfort her, buy ice-cream, see a movie, and be there for her. don't mention it to anyone else. She might be regretful.

The conclusion by the investigators was that he and two others (his uncle and a friend) asphyxiated from carbon monoxide when their truck was stuck in deep mud that blocked the doors and the exhaust pipe.

Your aunt marrying your friend's uncle does not make you and your friend blood relatives. I don't think there would be a problem with you and your friend marrying.

he is a family friend of the Strorms in the book chrysalids

A distant uncle can be your parents uncle or even your grandparents uncle also there need not be any family link and a distant uncle can be a close long term friend of your family whom has been around since your childhood and to who you look upon as your uncle although in actual fact your uncle he isnt.

That would depend on the age difference as it could be illegal. If you two are around the same age and it is legal you simply tell your Uncle you are interested in his friend then he will let you know how he feels.

No just a friend and fellow songsinger person.

Mother, father, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, friend.

Huey, Dewey, and Louie Duck were the three nephews of Uncle Scrooge.

My male friend was talking to his uncle and his uncle said what are you doing he said chilling with my lady for awhile. What does that mean?

Uncle Tom's Cabin A key to Uncle Tom's Cabin And John Brown's Cabin

Bobby's World - 1990 Uncle Ted's New Friend 4-2 was released on: USA: 25 September 1993

As of 2016, Uncle Kracker (Matthew Shafer) has three daughters; the older two are named Skyler and Madison.

snoop dog is not nick cannons uncle you will hear snoop call lots of people his nephew to him its exactly like calling someone his friend

You and the friend might be first cousins, once removed. That would be the case if your cousin is the brother of one of the friend's parents.However, your cousin might be the friend's uncle because he married the sister of one of your friend's parents. In that case, you and your friend are not related to each other.

Uncle Jakob, his Sister Maja and his friend Max Talmud.

Uncle Buck, his friend at the bowling alley.

Uncle Female, Jungle Butt and others.

Example 1: "I invited Kim, my best friend, to the party.""my best friend" is the appositive used to identify "Kim" in the sentence.Example 2: "George, my uncle, is cool.""my uncle" is the appositive used to identify "George" in this sentence.

Ansewer: The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) uncle died when he was about 45 years of age in KSA I hope this answer helps you my Islamic friend! mah salama!