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What do you do if you like a boy and his best friend knows but the boy you like doesn't?


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Then the best friend should tell the boy that this girl likes him and after he knows the girl likes him the girl should go over and ask him out if you like him that much or make a conversataion with him so he knows that the girl really does like him and that's when they start off a relationship.

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get a friend that he knows to introduce u and if hes interested he will talk to u if not hes either scared or doesnt like u

Try to asks him out. If he shows signs that he does like you try something. Become closer friends with him.

if she knows that you like him,than she oviesly not a true friend

Your best friend does not like your pictures on Instagram because he just jealous.

ask your best friend if he likes him and if she doesnt than wait for him to get over it and he'll realize he likes you

well i think you should not like that guy anymore and move on he likes your friend and tell your friend that if she likes him its ok........ it might hurt but if he was the one he would like you to.... plus he doesnt deserve you!!!!!!!!!!! but yeah still be friends with him.

Try and do a double date since you like your girl best frind who likes your guy best friend and try and let them get to know each other better then see where it takes you from there.ANSWER ok ive been in this situation, and i was the girl best friend in the situation.i went up to the guy best friend and told him i liked him and then went and asked the guy best friend's friend (you) and asked him if he liked me. he said yes and we went out, but in your case, if she doesnt want to go out, you can go on crushing on her without dating her, or move on and devolop a new crush on someone else.

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Neji doesnt really have a best friend like choji and shikamaru but i honestly believe it rock lee or hinata

Don't sweat it.Thats happened to me.Just do stuff with one while the other isn't there,and if your best friend actually IS a best friend,she won't mind.

Tell him she sees him like a brother , or just as a friend , or she likes someone else.

Its better when his best friend know then he can tell him that you like him and save some humiliation when u go and ask him.

She might not be interested in you. Just because she knows you like her doesn't mean she will like you back.

forget about him because most likely he was usin you to get to your friend. i would ignore him

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well ive had this happen to me many times. if this guy is aware that you like him, its not right for him to like your best friend. i know he probably cant help it, but that's not right. if he doesnt know you like him, but your friend does, she should be a good friend and not bother with him.

Well... every body knows that Jeff Hardy's best friend is Rey Mysterio. they r like BFF hahaha!! but anyways seriously they are best friend.

include your best friend into the conversation with your boyfriend.don't just let them hang

i would talk it over with ur best friend and make sure she knows that u wouldn't be ok with her dating him. hope that helps ya

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