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then there is no use in liking him like someone who likes you

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Q: What do you do if you like a guy and dont think he likes you back?
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Does sai like konan?

no.... why would he like Konan? its clear Naruto likes Sakura, and Sakura secretly likes Naruto back but i dont think that Sai likes Konan.

There is this guy I like and I kissed him I think he likes me back but I don't know because im too shy to ask what should I do?

im sure if he kissed you back he likes you.. dont be afraid to tell him you like him if you think it a right time let him know.. you dont want to be thinking later on "what if"

What if a guy likes you but you dont like him back?

Just explain to him that you don't think of him in that way, and you'd prefer to be just friends.

I like a girl but I dont know if she likes me back. I am to nervous to tell her that I like her. What do I do?

Maybe you should wait a little and see if she likes you if she likes you ask her out.

Because she is so hot and i like her so much and i think she likes me back.?

Then that is balanced. If you like a person and she likes you back, then it is balanced.

Im nervous about texting my guy friend because I like him but I dont think he likes me back?

Just text him, don't be scared. Chances are he will like you back. Guys are hard to read believe it or not.

How do you impress a girl that you like that already knows that you like her?

i think and this is just what i think, but if u already know that she likes u back then u rlly dont have to imprees her and u just have to be u :)

For 6 nights you have a dream about this guy who you thought likes you but you don't like and in one dream he kisses you and you kiss him back but why do you keep dreaming about him?

it may just be because he likes you but really, you may like him. Do you friends approve of him or like him because if they have told you they dont then that may be why you think you dont like him when really you do...

Does nat like p-star?

i dont think so he likes no one

How do I get a girlfriend in fourth grade?

You're in the fourth grade depends, who do you like? Do they like you back? well she likes me and i am not really sure if i like her like her. but i do like this girl named Riley but i dont think she likes me. but i know this girl that likes me cause she hits me and stuff like that and i kinda like her a little.

How do i win back my ex after a year of seperation and i dont think she likes me?

If your ex doesn't like you, there is little chance you can win her back. One way you can try is to take her on a date.

Is justin bieber interested in colored children?

i dont think hes, like, racist or anything. i dont think it matters, as long as he likes them.

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