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What do you do if you like the same guy your friend likes and you think he likes you back we're 16 he talks to me all the time in texts and on messenger and we flirt at school?


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tell your friend how you feel about him she will understand

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if a guy likes ur friend he will flirt with her and not u.

ask him that if you and your friend likes him,whom will he choose,if he chooses you then let him know your true feelings and if love sparkles between you both than girl u are the lucky one.tell your friend the good news,after all what are friends for.if she is your true friend then she will definitely understand you. go for it....

It means she probably likes ur friend but likes 2 flirt wit u n wants answer

have a friend ask him for you if he really likes you...or you could flirt with him and see if he flirts back.

NO. If a girl likes you she will flirt. Seeing as most girls flirt with anyone it means she just takes you as a friend. SORRY!

The way they are with you if they flirt to much then obvisiouly there is some conncetion.

well he will spend more time with her or he will flirt with her if he winks or looks at her alot then he likes her

Whenever she comes around you alot and likes to flirt. If she just says hi she is just a friend, but if she says hi! with a smile she likes you. Just try the common keys to a liking you.

If he does flirt with you 24.7 then ask his best friend to ask him if he likes you then make that he likes you then ask him out.

That means he likes you possibly. My guy friend flirted with me sometimes in 5th grade, I flirted back.

heyy. my name is darian, and this has happened to me a lottt. lol but you just have to flirt as much as you can. and it could happen:)

he'll flirt more with the girl he likes,or maybe talk or treat one differently then the other.

It may mean that he likes you. He probably likes you or is just a big flirt

Don't be one of those people who tries to flirt. I have a friend who flirts with EVERYONE! It's really annoying! Just be yourself. He likes you for you, and it's possible you're flirting but not noticing it.

well it deppends how hes talking to you. he may flirt or may just talk to you as a friend.

well first do you like that friend? if not then ignore her, well if you think she does then ask her out if not then do not ask her out, you should flirt with her too.

Maybe he will flirt more with you or not treat you the same way he usually does. You could ask a friend of his about what he has been saying and stuff.

She will either be mean, flirt,blush,or beshy I know I am one

it might mean he likes you but if he does not flirt with you then he is probably just adoring how good of a friend you are.

Make it obvious to him that you're interested and let him do the dirty work... That is, if he really is interested in you...

You can usually tell if your friend likes you than more than a friend. If you get the feeling he likes you more than a friend, then flirt with him. Let him know that you like him more than a friend. Usually when you like someone they most likely like you back too(: -Nevaeh

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