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Order some new ones or change the locks.

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Q: What do you do if you lose the keys to a 1996 Oldsmobile cutlass supreme?
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How do you unlock 1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme door without keys?

get a slim jim.

How can you get the door key to your 1995 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme?

Have you tried looking on your keychain? If you've lost the keys, your dealer can probably have a set made.

How do you unlock the doors when the keys are locked inside in the ignition on a 96 cutlass supreme?

Go to your closest dealer and give them your VIN number. They will then look up your key number & make you a new one instantly. Volia! You are now in your Cutlass supreme.P. S.Just be sure to bring your license and registration .

When was The Keys to the Street created?

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When was Keys to Ascension created?

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How do you unlock an Oldsmobile delta 88 car door without keys?

break the window

What are the release dates for The Pretender - 1996 Keys 1-17?

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How do you open an Oldsmobile alegra trunk without the key?

locked keys in truck of 2000 alero. how to open?

How to retrieve keys locked in a 1996 peugeot 106?

break the window

Locked keys in trunk on a 1964 Oldsmobile cutlass f85?

Why yes I have done that Can you get the other set of keys? Sometimes you can just have another key made from the code on the matching lock- in this case the glovebox or console lid. Any locksmith can do this readily if you are unable to master the mysteries of extracting the glovebox lock cylinder- there is a secret tang to depress which releases the lock cylinder. Or you can sometimes unscrew the bezel that holds it together. Or, find the other set of keys. Press the remote trunk unlock button in the glovebox if you have that feature. Worst case, the back seat can be removed and the lock accessed from there.

1998 Cutlass Theft Alarm will arm itself and you can't start the car for 10 mins until it goes off Can you disable it?

The problem may be your ignition key. I have a 97 Cutlass GLS and one of my two keys causes this problem, the second key works fine.

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