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TALK TO THEIR PARENTS, this way showing that you love her/him enough to talk out the problem instead of dismissing it, will show them respect...hopefully enough to change their judgment of you.

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Why is there god parents god parents?

they are people you are not related to but because 1 of your parents married someone else there for they are part of your family but aren't blood relatives

What is position in family?

because they are the how many kids in the family and who were the parents names.

Can you get brown eyes out of two parents with blue eyes?

yes you can because someone in the family before you could of had them so the cells were passed down

Why do I have blond hair and blue eyes?

Someone in your family has it. Parents, grandparents.

Why do family think you are crazy when you love someone they don't approve of?

because the person could have bad habits or the person is someone completely different around your parents/family. Or either they dont want to lose you just yet Or the members of the family just don't see what you see in the person.

What is 'family love'?

Automatic love for someone because he/she is in your family.

Is Leonardo the first child of his family?

Leonardo da vinci was the first of his family because he is a illigetament child meaning he was born when his parents werent even married so his dad married someone else =]

Why do parents pick their childrens names?

Parents pick their children's names because it is their child. Who else would pick it for them? Some parents take ideas from family, friends, colleges, ect., but they parents must raise the child and it is theirs, so they get to name it. Also, if it were up to someone else, the parents might not like the name chosen. Since the child is now part of their family, it is important that the parents like the name and are proud to be assoictaed with that child's name in their family.

If a mother has a positive blood and father has o positive blood can the baby have ab negative blood?

it it possible if someone from either parents' family has had it or haves it because of genes

What does it mean when you dream about someone killing your brother?

you wanted to raise a long range bonding to your family especially because you don't want to miss the bonds you have with your siblings and parents...

Why is someone blonde?

Because they have blonde genes in their family.

How do you get the color of your eye?

You get the color of your eye by your genes. It can be from anybody in your family but its usually from your grandparents or from your parents. Even if your eye color is hazel and your moms is brown and your dads is blue then you got half. But if that's what happened to you its mostly because someone in your family has that kind. You cannot have a color eye that no one in your family has because you have genes.

What is the significance of family in the outsiders?

because ponyboy, soda pop and darry's parents died, they had to become closer in order to stay together. as for the rest of the boys, the "gang" is like a family to them because they all have family issues, like johnny, who hates his parents.

Who is in Etienne Brule's family?

etienne has unknown parents and family so the horon Indians are pretty much there family because he lives with them.

How does someone develop major depression because of their family?

If your father or his blood relatives, mother or her blood relatives (parents and siblings) are known to have had major depression than you are likely to have major depression.

What should you do when you love a girl but she refuses your proposal because she is afraid of her parents?

Learn about her family traditions and background and approach her father about dating his daughter, I think it will please him that someone respects him that way.

Why did the Baudelaire family investigate fires?

only the parents did and because they were members of V.F.D.

Is family planning really needed?

yes, because the parents will control their pregnancy!

Do more teens drink alcohol because their parents do?

Teens drink because of pressure they get from freinds and family

Is it true that you will most likely marry someone who looks like someone in your family?

no you will not marry someone that looks like your family because it could be you own relative and with out you even knowing .

Can you hate family?

Yes, it is possible for someone to detest their family either because the family is not a good one or, because the person who detests them expects too much from their family or, can't get what they feel they want or should have from their family.

Why do some family members turn into freaks when someone in the family passes away?

Sometimes family members turn into freaks or act differently when someone in the family passes away because they are grieving and overcome with emotion.

What is the point of the Royal Family in the UK?

Because you have to have someone to look after the nation

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