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Figure out which one you like better and then dump the other one. It may hurt but is probably the best way. If you don't like the answer, don't go searching for answers on the web!!! stop cheating on your boyfriend

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Q: What do you do if you love your boyfriend but you like another guy and is cheating your boyfriend?
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What if your boyfriend is cheating on you?

If your boyfriend is cheating on you then you dump him no matter how much you love him like they say once a cheater always a cheater.

If you love your boyfriend but still like your ex is it cheating?

Any time you are fisically with someone(male or female)other than your boyfriend it is cheating!!!!

What if your boyfriend doesnt like to talk about love?

if your boyfriend does not want to talk about love and your relationship than that is a sign that he is shy, gay, or cheating on you.

How do you catch your boyfriend cheating online?

You see him talking to another girl and flirting with her saying I love you

Having feelings toward someone is that called cheating?

If you don't have a boyfriend or girlfriend or not married then it's not cheating. If you have either and you like a person then they are a friend you are fond of and it should go no further than that. If it does and an attached individual tells another person they love them then that is considered cheating.

What do you do when you really like your boyfriend but your in love with another guy?

dump your stupid boyfriend and go for the guy you love

How you if your boyfriend is cheating?

If he says weird things like "come on babe" or "don't be mad at me" or you know I love you"

What is a word for not cheating but falling in love with one another while one of them has a boyfriend?

It's cheating no matter what. It's cold. If your the girl, your a cold fish. I your the guy, find a warmer fish.

Is it considered cheating if someone likes you when you already have a girlfriend and you like the person who likes you only a little bit and you only love your girlfriend.?

No its not cheating but you need to make sure you only love your gf. Coming from a girl who has a boyfriend with 5 other girls drooling over him you need to show her you love her. Or she will feel the way I do and be scared you will leave her for another girl.

Is he cheating if after every argument he says i love you?

Yes he is cheating on you my ex-boyfriend Chad says I love you after every fight we had

What to do to a cheating boyfriend?

Let him go even if you love him.

Can my boyfriend forgives me after cheating and lying to him?

If you're boyfriend really loves you, then yes, he will be able to forgive you. But to be honest, he should not give you another chance and you should not ask him to. You've proven you don't truly love him by cheating and lying. Let him go and find someone who will.

How do you prevent boyfriend from cheating?

you can't prevent your boyfriend from cheating but you can treat him nicely, care for him, love him, please him, if you do that already and he doesn't appreciate it i suggest ending it.

What are some good convosations to have with your boyfriend?

About, life and kids, that is if you really love him, and he is not cheating on you. Another thing you can talk about would be, adding some humor into your life, he will LOVE if you add humor. So start out with prompts like, hey hows your days been... Hope it been healthful.

Is it a good idea to date a guy who already have a girlfriend if you already have a boyfriend?

not, not quite. Because your cheating on your boyfriend and the guy your going out with is cheating with you. I mean, open your eyes if the other guy your dating is dating you and another girl, that only means that he's two-timing you. You have to break up with your boyfriend if you wanna be with this guy and this guy has to do the same because it won't be fair for you. Ask yourself if its worth taking the risk on breaking up with your boyfriend and you won't regret it later on. and take some time and think about who you really like/love.

Boyfriend that you really like but your real boyfriend that you love dont know about the two of us what do you do?

Either make sure that they never find out about each other, or stop seeing the one you only 'like' - what sort of love is it that allows you to have another boyfriend?

What to do if you are cheating on your boyfriend?

You dont love him. You are a bad friend. Indeed even in your marriege you will cheat on your husband. Its a bad habit just like heroin. Stop it.

Should you cheat on your boyfriend?

Cheating on your boyfriend is selfish; disloyal and hurtful with disrespect for his feelings. When in doubt put yourself in his shoes and how would you like it if he cheated on you! If you love someone then you would not want to cheat so your feelings of love towards your boyfriend has become a problem that you should face up too in a mature way; if you do not love your boyfriend enough and you are looking for other young men then you need to be honest and breakup with your boyfriend. Cheaters almost always get caught; word does get around and good men do not want a woman that has a history of cheating as relationships are built on trust.

How can you stop cheating on your boyfriend?

pull youself together and be with the person you want to be with the most. If you want to be with your boyfriend then you have to control youself to not cheat on him if you love him.

What does it mean when your boyfriend thinks that you like another guy more than you love him even though you have told him otherwise what should you do?

get another boyfriend because he is jealous and u don't need that get another boyfriend he is jealous and u don't need that

What do you do if your boyfriend is two timing you?

If your boyfriend is cheating on you should break up with him. Because he likes someone else and he will make you look like a jerk if you try to break them up. You should find a new boyfriend a boyfriend that will be nice to you and love you. You will be happier and you will make him happy just to be with you.

What do you do if you have a boyfriend but you like another guy?

Well it depends how much you love your boyfriend. But if you really like the other guy then break up with your boyfriend and go out with the other guy.. But be careful how you word it if you still want to stay friends with your boyfriend.

How can you get over your cheating boyfriend?

Love hurts for especially the young where there are on and off relationships. It is important for you to realize (keep your self confidence) that he cheated because he feels like a kid in a candy shop and thought he could still be with you while cheating. Cheaters are immature; self absorbed and your boyfriend will probably cheat on the girl he is cheating with now. Cheaters will hang themselves with their own rope. Don't sit around and mope over your cheating boyfriend and realize you are loving; loyal and deserve better than him. Get out with friends; date again and you will soon find someone much better than your cheating ex boyfriend.

What should you do if you love your boyfriend but you are starting to fall for his really amazing best friend?

Simple. Break up with your boyfriend. Rather that than cheating on him!

Have boyfriend but like another guy?

If you love the bf you have to make a choice. if you don't break up.