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You can try appealing to Jagex via Account Settings (I believe), but appeals typically have high failure rates.

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How do you cheat RuneScape?

It is highly unrecommended to cheat on RuneScape because your account can be permanently banned.

Your account on RuneScape was banned so what should you do?

If your account was permanently banned, there is no getting back on. You will have to start over, and too avoid getting banned, do not break the rules of RuneScape.

How can you unbann your runescape account?

If you're temporarily banned, you wait. If you're permanently banned, you don't.

How do you get an autobot for RuneScape?

No, you will be automatically permanently banned.

How do you change your stats on runescape using reg edit?

Don't. It is against RS rules and your account will be banned PERMANENTLY.

Where can you buy RuneScape gold?

Buying any Runescape gold is against the rules and has the risk of: 1. Getting your account banned. 2. Losing your account completely. 3. Getting your account permanently banned for macroing. 4. Get your account stolen. Never trust any source of "gold sellers". Ever.

Are auto bots safe in runescape?

No, you will most certainly get banned permanently.

How do you enable an account of runescape when your account is banned?

Im batman

What is the best RuneScape cheat site?

Do NOT cheat in RuneScape, as your account will get banned.

What to do if you are banned in RuneScape?

Make a new account. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Lmfao.... Appeal your account...

Trading a RuneScape account?

No one will give you a runescape account, besides it is against Jagex's rules and will lead to you and your account getting banned.

How do you unterminated ure account on roblox?

You can't, if you get banned your account is permanently lost.

How do you make 1b in two days on runescape?

You can't, you'd have to Real-World Trade it which would be against the rules and could end with your account being permanently banned.

Does anyone have a runescape account with a lot of money and gear they can give to you?

Sharing, Buying And Selling RuneScape Accounts Is Against Runescape Rules. You Will be banned once you get someone elses account. please don't get yourself banned... ... ... ...

Is TipIt Microhelper for Runescape an unfair advantage that will get your account banned?


Why are you not eligible to make an account on runescape?

You are not eligible to make an account if you are under 13 or are banned.

Runescape do jagex take goods from your account if banned?

It depends entirely upon what you've done/severity.If you're permanently banned with no hope of being unbanned - you'll lose EVERYTHING.If you're temporarily banned, you'll lose NOTHING.If you're permanently banned with several others whilst in possession of rare items, they'll be re-entered into the Grand Exchange.

How can you delete your account in RuneScape?

you don't either try to get it banned or forget about it

When will your account be unbanned if you bot on RuneScape?

No. If you bot then you will be banned. If you would like to know more visit runescape website

How do you get my runescape accont back?

It depends on the case if you are permanently banned there is little chance you will get your account back but it is very possible if you submit a good appeal if your account was hacked or stolen you can do an account recovery and even ask for it t be rolled back ( not guaranteed. ) good luck getting your account back.

Number for runescape to delete your account?

Accounts cannot be deleted, only banned.

If you are banned does that mean that you are temporarily banned or permanently banned?

its temporary for only 3 days trust me it happened to me be4 and if u get banned again then ur account will be deleted

Is it possible to unhack Maplestory account?

If your Maplestory account is permanently banned for some reason, it is not possible to get it unbanned legally.

Is there a free level 80 wizard101 account you can have?

No. Account trading outside the game gets you permanently banned in Wizard101.

Is botting in rs risky?

Yes, very risky. If you are caught, your account will be banned permanently.