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you do nothing...just don't be her friend if she's honestly doing that to you!!

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Is it wrong to date your best friend exboyfriend?

that's horrible. And can really damage your I.

My best friend andme are going to hawaii or my best friend and you?

I'm not going to Hawaii, but if you and your friend are then you would say: "My best friend and I are going to Hawaii"

What do you do if your ex girlfriend is going out with you best friend but you still like her?

get over her and be happy for them

How do you get revenge if your best friend is going out with your crush who hates you?

You don't. If the relationship works out, you will have given your best friend a great gift. If it doesn't work out, you will still have your best friend, and your crush will be impressed with your maturity.

What do you do when your best friend is going out with your ex and you still have feelings for him?

Well why did break up with him xD

Which is proper English My best friend and you are going to Hawaii this summer or your best friend and you are going to Hawaii this summer?

I believe its.. "You and my best friend are going to Hawai'i this summer."

What is the correct sentence of my best friend and me are going to Hawaii or my best friend and I?

The correct sentence is: Me and my best friend are going on a exctotic trip to hawaii

What should you do if im going to be a freshman next year and am afraid of losing your best friend of three years?

you should still hang out with that friend so you can still be friends

What do you do if a guy likes you but your best friend is obsessing over him and pratically knows that he likes me?

It's a choice that you're going to have to make.Either you can let your friend have him or you can forget about the guy and still be friends with your best friend.

How do I tell my ex I still love him but he's going out with my best friend?

first of all if your best friend is dating your ex then that's not a best friend. dump them both and find yourself a guy that deserves you. he's not worth it. you deserve a better man and best friend!

What do you do when your best friend likes your ex boyfriend but you still like him?

First of all, she would be your "best friend" if she i going after your ex. I am sophmore in highschool and a female. I would know. Any guy that you or your friend dates is now off limits to eachother. If u are still attracted to him then you are still ok to date him. ABSOLUTELY not your friend!

What do you do if you're going out with one of your best friend's brother?

be careful not to alienate your best friend, make sure you still spend time with her

What do you do if your guy best friend is going out with your girl best friend but he just told you that he had a crush on you and you still like him and hes aways flirting with you and ur flirting to?

honestly, i wuld tell my girl best friend whats going on and try to stay away from the boy cuz either ur going to break ur friendship with the girl for the boy.

How do you get revenge on an exboyfriend?

Make yourself as happy and as confident as you can, and show him that you don't need him. It's classy, and it works. If you are hot enough to get his best friend to date you, then do it. He will freak.

If your best friend makes out with your exboyfriend what should you do?

Be happy for them but you cannot really do much about it really also adding on to the person above, you do not want to become jealous or mad, etc. and let a boy ruin anything between you and your best friend, just be happy for her...

What too do when you're best friend is going away?

call her everyday and try to make new friends but still remember your best friend as wellsend letter and postcards and reunite one day

What do you do if your best friend dumps you?

Don't ask the reason why than you will appear touchy. Ask your friend if you still wanna hang out and do things you did before you started going out.

If you have a best friend who likes your exboyfriend are you supposed to tell him or get back together with hm?

Telling him is a decision that only you can make. He'll probably find out sometime whether you tell him or not.

Is it ok to date your exboyfriend best friend?

i say yes it is...theirs nothing wrong with cousin his dating her ex husbands bestfriend...dont worrie they get over it after awhile

What if the guy you like is going out with your best friend?

i am going through the same thing all that i do is still hang out with mybest friend so i could spend time with the guy and then maybe eventually he will ask u out

How do you get over your ex girlfriend when you are her best friend?

Dude what the hell why........ have no contact for at least a year and then see if you still have anything in common and maybe you could still be friends but i highly doubt it the best thing to do is forget the best friend thing it just not going to work good luck

What is something you can say to your exboyfriend to show him how much he means to you?

I think you should tell him how you feel. Tell him that you still like him and that he is the best thing that has every happen to you!:)

What should you do if your boyfriend does not like your best friend?

tell him he is going to have to deal with it because she is your best friend and she will always be there for you and you dont know how long he is going to be there for you i would rather loose a boy then my best friend

Who is antionia toya carter best friend?

Memphis because they were going together on the show but i think their relationship is still together...

Which is proper English your best friend and you are going to Hawaii this summer or your best friend and you are going to Hawaii this summer?

The name of a place always gets a capital letter. So, the first version is correct.... Your best friend and you are going to Hawaii this summer.

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