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Narcissism is a rare personality disorder that requires a specific diagnosis. Additionally, narcissists typically don't lie much. Your boss sounds more like an ego-centric who twists the truth to support him or herself. I would file a formal complaint with HR and get others in your department to do the same. Document the issues in writing so you have support. I am in that situation now and it is horrible!! Only thing I can say is document, document, document!! The boss I work for is a narcissistic and right now we (meaning he and I) communicate through a third party via his request. His office is directly in front of my desk and whenever I need his signature on a document, I have to get up, walk around the corner give it to the third party, she then walks it back pass my desk and gives it to him. Now, you see the predictament I'm in. All I can say is pray. go to their higher ups and state your beef! Narcissists most certainly do lie. The truth is irrelevant to them. What I did? I quit. It's not worth it.

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Q: What do you do if your boss is a narcissist and your entire department is affected by their lies?
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