What do you do if your cat eats an earring?

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Depends on the size and shape of the earring. If it were a tiny, tiny stud, I'd probably leave it alone, and it should pass in the stool without an issue. But if has an exposed backing (the pointy part) or if it's a large earring or has sharp edges, I'd call the vet right away and get an x-ray taken.
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How do you treat ear mites in cats?

Your vet can give you a medication to swab in the cat's ears. It requires daily treatments for a week or two, but will clear up the mites. (Your cat will probably not be happy about the treatments, but it is for its own good) :)

Why do cats have pointy ears?

Cats have pointy ears, because it helps them hear better. It's the same reason humans have forward facing eyes, 3d representation of the environment around them. By having ears facing forward, cats not only have 3D vision, but 3D sound.

Why does a cat suck on your ears?


What do you do if a cat has a cold nose and ears?

There isn't much to do if a cat has a cold nose and ears. That is apretty normal thing for a cat. When a cats nose is warm and theears are warm, that can indicate a fever.

Cat ear mite cures?

There is medicine aka ear drops and stuff like that which can rid of ear mites.

Why do cats flatten their ears?

they only flatten their ears when they are angry. the reason they flatten their ears is because when an animal attacks 1. it wants to be fast,if its ears are down it causes less wind resistance and 2. an animal always attacks the face first. the ears of a cat are extremely sensitive and can be hurt ( Full Answer )

How do you meditate with a cat purring in your ear?

You meditate with a cat purring in your ear in the same way you meditate with bright, flashing, neon lights in your eyes. You simply watch. You watch your thoughts, feelings, and sensations. You notice the sound of purr, or the flash of light. You notice your reactions to these things. You notice yo ( Full Answer )

Why do cats ears rotate?

when ever they have their attention fixed on something they can't turn their head so they can hear it better so their ears move toward the sound.thats why if your cats looking away from you and you are to the side of it, if you snap your fingers the cats head wont move but the inner part of their ea ( Full Answer )

How do you clean cats ears?

normally you would not need to clean cats ears. If there is brown gunk that smells really bad then you cat might have ear mites. To get rid of the ear mites go to Walmart or Kmart or petsmart or whatever and buy ear mite lotion. When applying it to your cats ears do it carefully so you do not push t ( Full Answer )

Why do cats love eating ear wax so much?

I t's because the main componets of earwax are fatty acids, cholesterol waxes and sloughed off skin cells. The cats mainly like the fatty acids though so that's why they eat it. :]

Can you put peroxide in cat ears?

I wouldn't recommend it, any liquid in an animals ears can be very bothersome to the animal. I would contact your vet for more information.

How do cats get ear mites?

Cats can get ear mites from other cats who have them, or plants that have ear mites on it. But most cats who get ear mites are usually outdoor cats. Other cats can give your cat ear mites because the those little annoying buggers are very contagious. Or if you have a cat and they play around plants, ( Full Answer )

How do you grow cat ears?

You don't... you just... don't... ------------------------------------------------------- Step one: take a sheet of a soft material - make sure it's sturdy enough - color of your choice Step two: Cut out two triangles Step three: Glue the triangles onto a headband that is the same color as your ha ( Full Answer )

Why are there hairs in a cats ear?

There is hair on a cats ear because they need hair to keep dust, dirt, bugs and so on, out of the ear. When a cat stops scratching, it means that the mites have been killed. if your cat is scratching its ear, I recommend taking it to your local vet. It only takes one mite to start the whole itching ( Full Answer )

Why do cats ears move?

A cat can pivot their ears 180 degrees to hear. Their hearing is far better than humans and even better than dogs. A cat's ear has 32 muscles and each ear can move independently of the other. They also use their ears to communicate. If a cats ears are flattened, he is feeling threatened. If they are ( Full Answer )

Cats ear is swollen and curling?

The ear is probably infected. This could be caused by a fight the cat got in, and the resulting bacteria left in a wound, by a burst blood vessel in the cat's ear that is causing it to slowly fill with blood, by a blood vessel that was cinched off somehow, resulting in lack of any blood circulation ( Full Answer )

What does it mean when cats ears are warm?

It just means the cat is warm. A cat's ears are full of tiny veins and hair which keep it at a regular temperature. However, the tips of a cat's eats have less heat regulation; the ear tips can feel cold if the cat has been in a cold room.

Why are a cats ears itchy?

She might have ear mites, look into her ears to see if there are a lot of little black specks, these would be ear mite bites. The vet can give you an ointment that will clear this up.

Why do cats lick peoples ears?

Some people have many reasons, but the reason i have tried that works is that cats are attracted to the scent and taste of your earwax. if you need to try, get some earwax on your finger and hold it up to the cats nose.

What if your cats ear is filled with pus what do you do with it?

You have to take the cat to the vet. Chances are it has an ear infection, which will require medication. Do not go sticking things into the cat's ear, trying to remove the pus. Make an appointment with your vet as soon as possible, and let them take care of it.

Why do some cats have tufts on their ears?

Cat's have these tufts on their ears because the tufts help them hear better. My cat has massive tufts on his ears cus he was born with it, and they did nothing to help him. Please note that ALL cat's have tufts on their ears for ether: nothing or just for better hearing.

Can cats get their ears pierced?

No Doing anything like that to any pet is illegal every where and can get you a huge fine and in some cases jail time not to mention having the animal seized by the SPCA. You may even have your privilege of owning a pet revoked by Court order.

Can ear mites kill a cat?

Not in a few weeks, but after a month or so it will really hurt their immune system and maybe cause death it's quite cheap to rid the cat of the ear mites - so there's no reason not to immediately!

Why does your cat like ear wax?

well my cat does it too im not sure the scientific reason but i know that it is something that tastes good to certain cats some cat even like to lick tears i saw that online

Why do cats ears bleed?

Your cat probably has an infestation of mites or fleas - take your friend to the veterinarian for professional care .

How do you know if your cat has ear mites?

First, check inside your cats ears. Is there anything that looks like red, brown, or black dirt or ear wax? Is your cat shaking it's head or scratching at it's ears constantly? If so, your cat most likely has ear mites. Ear mites are common in cats, and cause extreme irritation in the cat's ears. Im ( Full Answer )

How does a cat get salmonella in the ear?

Salmonella is bacteria that can be found in the intestinal tract of most mammals, birds reptiles and amphibians. The bacteria, if somehow found its way onto or into a cat's ear, it would have no effect on the cat whatsoever as it can not thrive in that environment.

Do cats ever grow ears?

look, I don't know what your question is exactly, but I can tell you that yes, cats do HAVE ears. hope this helps, if you meant something else, then you should make the question more clear.

Can you piercea cats ears?

im not sure, but it wouldn't be very nice for the cat, even if you could.. :/

Are cats ears triangular?

Generally yes they are, unless they are born with rounded out or messed up ears.

What does it mean when a cats ear is bleeding?

This could mean anything, from a bad case of fleas or mites, a fight wound or an infection. It is recommended that you take your cat to the vet as soon as possible. Try not to touch the ear until the vet has been seen.

How do you get blue cat ears in fantage?

You get it by buying three green gems but sometimes it might not work and everyone has their own combinations... It's really hard to get it now because it's not new anymore they usually give out the new ones like alien on your head and fishfish costume.. Well I want it too so if anyone know how you ( Full Answer )

How do you get the cat ears on fantage?

Some people say its three emeralds or if that doesn't work out and you've tried like 20 goes then just try 2 emeralds and one ruby other then that I'm sure those will work it may not work on the first few goes but I'm sure you'll get it.. hope this helps ^^

How do you make quick cat ears?

You make quick cat ears by using corragated cardboard and cutting out small triangles. Or if you're just drawing it then just simply draw two triangles on either side of the head and then draw another triangle inside each of the triangles you have already drawn.

Do cats have sensitive ears?

Yes. Cats have special waves near their ears to help hearing, and without it may not be able to hear words. Inside a cats ears, shapes around are very curvy, and the eardrum is located by the naked eye. Well, anymore questions, please feel free to ask. -Invader Kitty

What does it mean when your cats ears are back?

It depends on how far back. A cats ears are very mobile, and will swivel to follow sounds; if he's watching something and trying to keep tabs on you at the same time, his ears may swivel to track where you are. A cat actually has two different nasal passages through which he can direct air that he i ( Full Answer )

Why do cats put their ears down?

This usually means your cat is annoyed or heard somthing bad. It is completely normal and should not require any medical attention.

What does it mean when your cats ears are up?

Something has gotten your cat's full attention and interest if their ears are sitting straight up. It could be anything from a sound, movement or another cat.

Why do cats ears appear slit?

i had this same problem with my cat pheobe a few years ago, but it didnt really change her attitude in any way, to be honest, i think my cat got it just from fighting, something stupid like that, but it could be to do with what type of area they live in. i am no expert, so dont go off my advice comp ( Full Answer )

What does it mean if your cat sniffs your ear?

It means there is something about your ear or the side of your head just there that smells interesting. Cats don't do much that has deeper meanings; they are very immediate creatures.

Where can one purchase cat ears?

Car ears are available at many online retailers. This includes stores such as YCMC, Buy Costumes, ASOS, and Think Geek. Additionally, stores such as Walmart and Target will have these for sale.