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Call the cops (911), or inform a trusted adult -- a teacher, pastor, family member like an aunt or uncle, or friend's parent.

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If your Dad tries to take something from you to punsih you and you refuse and he beats you until you give it to him is that child abuse?

if he beats you yes

What is a stable dad?

a stable dad is someone who beats you when you steal the cookies. You may not notice it but your dad actually loves you when hes doing that.

What song was Lindsay Lohan singing when her dad was beating up her boyfriend?

His dad beats him up, and the song is called "Over" :)

What to do if your dad beats your head up and wont stop ever?

If he is abusing then talk to a realitive about it.

If your dad beats you with a belt and leaves a mark is it illegal?

There could be serious trouble with police if that happens.

What do if your mom beats you?

If your mom is beating u try to secretly call child abuse or if u want to stay with her try to have your dad talk to her about it and if your dad is bad call child abuse

Is Jaden Smith cocky?

yes he is very cocky he is sometimes rude to his mum and his dad and he beats up his little sister

What is the name of the song in the episode of south park where stans dad beats up the other baseball kids dads?

live to win

What is the last name of the bully that beats up on American dad for Steve?

The bully's name is Stulio Cantos (he's as mean as he is Greek)

Where find TM surf?

In Pokemon emerald after one beats the fourth gym, the character's dad, Walley's dad comes and takes you to his house. He gives you the TM Surf because of how good you were to his son. This will happen just as your dad tells you that you can now use surf out of battle.

Why does patty's dad beat her in the book summer of my German soldier?

there are many reasons why Patty's dad beats her. One of the reasons is because a boy named Freddy, who is poor, came by and her parents said that she was to never hang out with him.

What are all the different types of beats in music?

There are studio beats mixr beats solo betas tour beats power beats diddy beats and heart beats

Why family broke?

Because your dad beats your mother daily. Either that or your mom wastes all the family money on hair styles and shoes.

What Pokemon beats what Pokemon?

In Pokemon certain types can beat others and here are my examples: Water beats Fire, Fire beats Grass, Grass beats Water, Dark beats Ghost, Water beats Electric, Water beats Ground, Water beats Rock, Grass beats Rock, Grass beats Ground, Fighting beats Grass, Flying beats Grass, Physic can beat Grass, Ground beats Fire, Fire beats Steel, Fighting beats Dark, Bug beats Dark

What are facts about cole Matthews in touching spririt bear?

he is an abused child who takes out his anger in bullying he beats up a kid named peter driscal he is sent to Alaska for isolation he has an alcoholic mother his dad beats him up he's always in trouble

Which beats don't require batteries?

Beats Solo, Beats Solo HD, Beats Tour, iBeats, urBeats, HeartBeats, PowerBeats, Beats Mixr, and Beats Pro

What the kind of tala?

# Dadra- 6 beats # Tintal- 16 beats# Ektai - 12 BEATS# Jhaptal- 10 beats# Rupak- 7 beats# Kehrwa- 8 beats# etc.........

What beats what in Pokemon Emerald?

Fire beats grass bug steel and ice Grass beats water rock and ground Ground beats electric fire and rock Rock beats flying dragon and steel Water beats rock fire and ground Flying beats grass bug and fighting Bug beats psychic and grass Electric beats flying and water Dark beats dark psychic and ghost Psychic beats fighting Ghost beats psychic Dragon beats dragon Ice beats dragon flying and grass

What is mini beats?

a mini beats is a music beats and when you have trouble in instrument you use beats to help your music

How many beats are there to a horse's running walk?

There are 4 beats in a walk, 2 beats in a trot, 3 beats in a canter, 4 beats in a gallop or run, 4 beats in a running walk, 2 beats in a pace, and 4 beats in a rack. I hope this helped, I searched forever for this!

How many beats is 140 beats per hour?

140 beats

What is the process in which your heart beats?

Your heart beats in blood and then beats out blood.

Is most music in 3 beats or 4 beats?

4 beats.

What is the angel beats theme?

The theme for angel beats is My Soul, Your Beats by Lia.

What types of Pokemon are effective against which?

Normal doesn't beat anything Fire beats Grass, Ice, Bug and Steel. Water beats Fire, Ground and Rock Grass beats Water, Ground, and Rock. Electric beats Water and Flying. Ice beats Ground, Flying, Dragon and grass Fighting beats Normal and dark Poison beats grass Ground beats Fire, Electric and Rock. Flying beats Grass, Fighting and Bug. Psychic beats Fighting. Bug beats Grass, dark and psychic Rock beats Fire, ice and Flying. Ghost beats ghost and psychic Dragon beats Dragon. Dark beats Ghost and Psychic. Steel beats Rock. Hope this helps!

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