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You must get an adult person to help with this because the dog needs a vet and without any delay.

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How many hours is a dog watch?

two hours for every dog watch

How many dog watches in nautical time?

two dog watches of two hours each

How many dog watch in natutical terms?

two dog watches of two hours duration each

Why hasn't my dog gotten up or opened it's eyes in almost two weeks?

because it's dead.

What is duration of a watch?

the duration of a watch is four hours each except the dog watches that are two hours each.

How many watches are there in a day?

There are five watches of four hours each plus two dog watches of two hours each in nautical time for duty.

What would cause a dog to completely change personality in two hours at a groomer?

A cord could have been wrapped too tight around something sensitive for the entire two hours. Torture for two hours. or Maybe they switched dogs on you.

What should you do if your dog fell two nights ago and you took them to the emergency room the night it happend but they have been acting disorented and abnormal ever since?

Take your dog back to the Vet asap.

how can a dog have baby?

The mother dog gives birth to her puppies during the second stage of labor, which can take up to 24 hours. Usually the mother dog births a puppy every 30 to 60 minutes, but they should not take more than two hours each.

How soon after eating does a dog have to go for a walk?

It all depends. If the dog is a puppy, it is easiest to take the dog straight outside after eating, playing, and napping and in two-three hour intervals. If the dog is an older dog but has trouble with potty training, the same thing applies. If the dog is potty trained and you are asking when it should defecate, it depends on the food. If the dog is on a raw diet, 4-5 hours, if the dog is on a human-cooked diet, about 8 hours, if the dog eats dog food, it can be anywhere from 8-14 hours after the dog has eaten.

How often should I take my dog out to go to the bathroom?

Depends how old they are but about every two hours

The following ideas would not be appropriate for an essay comparing two dog breeds?

-My Dog Sally Would Play Fetch For Hours , !....Keyonna Dunn....

How can you stop your dog from pooping on the carpet?

take the dog outside about every two hours. that way the dog will understand where it needs to poop. then after about a week take the dog out every four hours. by that time the dog should understand where it need to go number 2. at that point ease the dog into a routine. ex. take dog out whenyou wake up, before you go to work, as soon as your home from work and before you go to bed. about every six hours or so

What happens if your dog is pregnant and only has one puppy and still has more to come and its been 2 hours?

The dog may still have her puppy even after two hours. You may need to call a vet if the puppy doesn't come after 3-4 hours.

How long does it take to go from Galway to Dublin by train?

About two and a half hours.About two and a half hours.About two and a half hours.About two and a half hours.About two and a half hours.About two and a half hours.About two and a half hours.About two and a half hours.About two and a half hours.About two and a half hours.About two and a half hours.

Why haven't i gotten my period for two months?

Why haven't i gotten my period for two months? can it be do to stress? or something else? i have the mirena... for a year now....

How many hours drive from San Diego to the Grand Canyon?

Google Maps calls it an estimated 8 hours and 58 minutes. Let's play it safe and call it 9 hours or 10 hours including two fuel, snack and restroom stops. Add two hours if there are children involved, an extra hour for a dog and two hours for a mother in law or pregnant wife.

Is a dog really mans best friend?

To find the answer lock your wife and your dog in the trunk of your car for two hours when you open the trunk see which one is happier to see you

How many towers fell on 911?

Two. (not quite) Three towers fell that day. The two towers fell along with a 47 floor building (World Trade Center 7).

How often is your miniature hot dog dog supposed to use the bathroom?

A dog that type is supposed to use it every two 1/2 to 3 hours . It will also depend on how much you feed or how often you feed him/ her ....

How long does it take for a dog to deliver puppies?

Once she starts it could take up to two hours per pup.

Can a dog give birth to two puppies a day?

Yes, they will typically give birth to their entire litter in a matter of hours.

Two scientists have performed the same experiment and have gotten different results why?

They have gotten different results because they performed it from their knowledge.

Can a 9 month old staffy have puppies?

The answer is yes, but it isn't best for the dog. A female dog shouldn't be bred until she's had two heat cycles, and even then she shouldn't be bred until she's gotten a green light from your vet, and is current on all her shots.

How many hours of deep sleep do you need a night?

"You need an average of 7 hours of deep sleep a night. I have a two year old and haven't gotten that for 2 years. Loss of sleep can make you irritated, slow, and easily forgetful."