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Unfortunately, condoms are not 100% effective. You can get pregnant while using one. I know this from personal experience. I would suggest, if you have no reason to think that she was cheating on you, that you start to think about the life you have created, and the best plan for that child.

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โˆ™ 2005-10-27 16:53:27
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Q: What do you do if your girlfriend tells you she is pregnant but you know the condom did not break or spill out?
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What are the chances of getting a girl pregnant if the guy ejaculates inside her with a condom on but the ejaculate doesn't spill or get inside her?

the girl will not get pregnant at all if the condom is on, and hasn't broken. no worries! that's what they're there for!

If you take sperms inside the condom and spill them inside your private parts can you fall pregnant?

Yes, even if you spill them outside your private parts they can still find their way in.

Can you get pregnant if the condom slips off as guy is pulling out and condom is left in vagina?

Yes, it is possible to get pregnant in this situation, as semen may spill out the bottom of the condom and remain in the vagina, moving upwards with the vaginal contractions usually associated with orgasm. A spermicidal lubricant is recommended, and if this situation does occur, quickly point the penis away from the vagina, carefully remove the condom, and if possible rinse out the vaginal tract immediately. Condom failure happens, so using a spermicide is recommended to be used as well. Make sure your condoms have been in a cool environment and have not passed any dates on the package.

If you miss one week of birth control but you still use another form of birth control can you get pregnant?

Yes you can still get pregnant, but it really depends on what method you used what the chances of that happening are. For instance if you used a condom and it didn't break, slip off, or spill after withdrawing then you have a very low chance of being pregnant. Condoms when used correctly are very efficient. But if you used a method like withdrawal then you have a higher chance of being pregnant, again depending on whether the method was used successfully. I hope that helped :)

How do you take out a condom from vagina after sex?

The condom should not stay in the girl after sex, it should be pulled out with the penis - when you're done having sex, the boy reaches down and holds the condom on his penis while he pulls out - this way it doesn't spill and maybe get her pregnant. If the condom is too loose try getting a slightly smaller size - it should be snug, like a glove. Length doesn't matter - condoms are made to be long enough - but width does matter.

Can you be pregnant if the guy wears a condom and it does not break or have a hole in it?

Yes, you can get pregnant even if the condom is used following directions. Some semen may spill out of the open end of the condom, especially if the guy waits until his penis is soft before withdrawing it from your vagina. The instructions DO SAY to remove the penis while it is still rigid. If either of you get semen on your fingers from removing the condom and then touch your vagina, you have a change of introducing sperm into your vagina, which can result in pregnancy. Always use a new condom every time you have penetration (anal, vaginal, oral). Remove the condom carefully, and wash both his penis and groin, and your lips and vagina to remove possible residual semen. You should also use a spermicidal jelly applied inside your vagina to kill any sperm that do enter. Nonoxyl-9 is one spermicide, ask a pharmacist for suggestions. Practice safe sex, kiddo. Please don't become a statistic.

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