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What do you do if your gums stick out more than your teeth?


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2005-05-24 11:33:52
2005-05-24 11:33:52

I have this problem too. So, I am waiting on an answer as well. I do not like my smile bc.I tend to show all my gums on the top teeth.I mean you can see fromt the front to both sides of my mouth (gums) that is.Whenever I try to put my teeth together I can feel some pressure. My top teeth appear to sit over my bottom teeth. Will braces help correct these issues? THX Wide Smile:) Hello wondering if, that your gums that stick out more than you teeth are a result from having you wisdom teeth removed? Or that you feel that there is a pressure that is making you gums pop out?


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She is as old has her gums and a little older than her teeth.

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you can whiten yellow teeth at home by brushing your teeth more than twice a day,and you can direct apply a Hydrogen peroxide mixed with water in to your teeth.Please be careful when applying,this may can cause damage to your gums.

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More than likely, it is natural pigmentation (tissue color). Many breeds will will show dark pigment on their gums. Just ask you veterinarian the next time she goes in for a checkup or shots.

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i have 2 large front teeth and they are longer and wider than the rest of my teeth and they stick out what can i do that can make my teeth shorter and thiner and make them go in so they dont stick out as much, what can i do?

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