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If it eats iceburg lettuce you have an issue. They cannot eat that type of lettuce, It WILL give them wet-tail. A sickness that is VERY hard to get rid of. It can and will most likely kill our hamster. If they are still alive at this point you need to go to the nearest pet store and ask their advise. Good luck

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Do it matter what kind of lettuce to feed your hamster?

i would feed them iceberg and romaine

Can you give your hamster iceberg lettuce?

no 1.if they store it it will go mouldy! 2.and it can give them diahroia xxx

Will hamsters die if you give them iceberg lettuce?

no,your hamster will not die. iceburg lettuce is just really low in vitamins and minerals so it is not reccomended for hamsters.

Which is iceberg?

a iceberg is a lettuce

Can hamsters eat iceberg lettuce?

yes hamsters can eat icberg lettuce. it may not completely fill their little tummy but it will give them something to snack on. I've been feeding it to my hamster and she was fine. You could give it some iceberg lettuce but not too much.

Can Hamsters drink Tea?

No please DO NOT give your hamster tea, iceberg lettuce, chocolate, none of that!!!!!! stick to the diet advice given to you by the pet shop that sold you the Hamster.

Can you feed hamsters lettuce?

Yes, you can feed hamsters lettuce, (my hamster loved it) if it eats it all give it a little more each time.

What cause leave to be clear on iceberg lettuce?

There is a certain type of butterfly that feeds on the colour of iceberg lettuce. If they didn't exist, iceberg lettuce would be bright pink!

What is the best lettuce for sandwiches?

Iceberg lettuce

Is it cabbage's another name iceberg lettuce?

No, cabbage and iceberg lettuce are two different vegetables.

Will guinea pgs die if they eat iceberg lettuce?

Actually, iceberg lettuce has no nutritional value, but it can make your guinea pig gassy and constipated. I recommend not feeding them iceberg lettuce, but rather replace it with romaine lettuce.

What happens to a hamster if it eats iceberge lettuce?

Depending on how much you give it, nothing or it could get wet tail.

What is the Weight of an iceberg lettuce?

It depends on the size of the lettuce

Can you freeze iceberg lettuce?


Does iceberg lettuce have caffeine?


Is iceberg lettuce harmful for cats?

no iceberg is not harmful for cats.

How big can iceberg lettuce grow fart?

Iceberg lettuce can grow a fart at approximately 23 km / second squared. It depends on the elevation, of course, as well as as the amount of bean dip consumed along with the iceberg lettuce.

How do you feed guinea pig babies?

You do not have to-the mother will feed them milk from her teats until they are about 2 months old and then they will learn to eat what she eats. Also they can eat lettuce, not iceberg lettuce, that's unhealthy for them.

What type of lettuce was called crisphead until the 1920?

Iceberg lettuce

What is the name of the best lettuce to eat?

Iceberg lettuce is quite delicious.

Which has more vitamin c romaine lettuce or iceberg lettuce?


What kind of lettuce can't guinea pigs eat?

Iceberg Lettuce.

Why is iceberg lettuce good for you?

it is a vegetable

Iceberg lettuce vs green leaf lettuce?

when and how should green leaf lettuce be picked/

How do i use iceberg in a sentence?

I'd like to try the iceberg lettuce, please.

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