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You should probably tell your parents or whatever and see if you can take your hamster to the vet and get it taken care of. Sounds like the growth of a cyst. While usually not very dangerous to the animal, it can present problems and shuold be seen by a professional. There is no home remedy for this one.

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Your dog has itchy ears and crusty sores on body?

YEs. But her ears don't itch as much as hurt. She doesn't scratch at them, just shakes her head violently. he sores hurt her...she doesn't bite at them, but they are growing and crusty. No Mange, antibiotics and steroids don't help.

Can a hamster get head lice?

No only humans get Head Lice

What do you do when your hamster has a bald spot on his head?

Shave the rest of the head

What causes crusty scalp on the head?

dry skin, wash hair in white vingar

What causes raised crusty spots on my cats head?

Feline Miliary Dermatitis may cause crusty scabs and tiny bumps on the head, back, and neck of cats. It is a skin ailment caused by an allergic reaction to bites from fleas, lice, and mites.

How do you cure hamster dandruff?

head and shoulders

What is it called when you kick or head the ball toward the goal?

a head ball???

Who had a daisy growing from her head?

In Dr. Seuss' Daisyhead Mazie, Mazie had a daisy growing from her head.

Can a hamster eat a mealworm when the mealworm is still alive?

Yes it can but beware if the mealworm are dirty then your hamster can die due to illness that is cause by it. clean the worms and chop the head off, if you dont chop the head off ur hamster can die. because worm's head has teeth

What shall you do if your hamster has a spot on they lip?

Knock it on the head.

What is heading in soccer?

"Heading" or "header" or to "head the ball" is to play the ball with the head.

What is a heading in soccer?

"Heading" or "header" or to "head the ball" is to play the ball with the head.

When does a pitbulls head stop growing?

The head stops growing around 1 1/2 years.

How do you tell if a hamster is a boy or girl?

look on the underside of your hamster. if your hamster has balls near the tail it is a boy. females have no balls but they have little spots on the underside from head to tail.

Why do hamster shake when you touch their head?

they got sexually excited.

Why is your hamster falling over?

it is to fat or its head is way to big!

What is a ball connector on a shower head?

The ball connector is what the shower head rotates on to point the shower head in different directions

What is wrong with the hamster she is about 18 months old and has lost her fur on half of one side nearer her bottom than head she does not appear in pain does not scratch eats ok runs in her ball?

My guinea pig had a problem like this. She had mites. Take your hamster into the vet and if it is mites, she will get a series of shots.

Why do hamsters eat another hamsters head off?

the hamster hates the other hamster and kills it, or it was really hungry Thats gross! Why would another hamster do that? read my answer again

What do you do if your hamster starts choking?

First ,put the hamster on his back ,then take your pointer finger and push down right below the head .flip the hamster over .repeat if necessary

How does newton's third law apply to soccer?

Newton's third law effects soccer because when you head the ball the ball exerts the same amount of force on your head as your head does the ball.

What is it called To propel the ball with the head in soccer?

If you mean simply redirecting the ball with your head that is called a header.

Is it ok if you tap your hamster on the head?

Sure, as long as you don't do it hard. :)

Is a ball twirling around someone's head rotating or orbiting?

ball spinning on its axis- rotation ball spinning around the head- revolution/ orbiting

What is heading when you play soccer?

When you touch the ball with your head and it goes away it is called heading. you can head a ball into the net.