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What do you do if your mouse is pregnant?


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July 24, 2009 11:54PM

Keep her in a quiet place probably away from males, they will eat the babies I think, I'm not sure, butDO NOT TOUCH THE BABIES UNTIL THEY ARE 2 WEEKS OLD OR ELSE THE MOM WILL EAT THEM BECAUSE THEY SMELL LIKE YOU. Give her some soft material, like toilet paper, and keep her in a warm place, preferably with a companion female that she knows. My 2 mice that I got from the local pet store were in the same cage and they get along fine, but if I were to put in another female that was in a different cage at the pet store, the would fight. Remember, make sure she has plenty of: * Fresh water * Clean bedding * Fresh food * Another female companion * A quiet place * Soft material like toilet paper * A small place like a little wooden hut* * *mine have one even when my mice aren't pregnant. You can purchase these at pet stores.