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Research whats wrong, or send it to a repair shop.

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Q: What do you do if your psp dont work?
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How come downloaded games dont work on my psp?

is your psp running custom firmware?

Can you buy PSP 2000 and PSP 3000 games for your PSP 1000?

yes all psp games work for all kinds of psp even psp vita but psp vita games dont work on regular psp but still yes all games work for ur psp 1000

What to do when the arrows on the psp dont work?

You should call up Sony or send your PSP in if you warranty has not expired.

How do you play PSP games on PS3 game console?

I think it is impossible because the games for the PSP are too small and it will not work. I dont have a PS3 or a PSP. My friend did it and then he said it doesnt work

Where can you get a PSP it from?

i dont think there is a psp it

How do you get a PSP camera out of the PSP?

you dont

Where is the Jordan challenge in psp?

they say you go to codes and type "icanbe23" but i dont think so but try it it doesnt work for my psp though.

Does the PSP camera work on the PSP 3001?

yes psp cameras that plug into the top of the psp do work. they desighned it for that reseon so you dont have to go around buying more and more cameras for different systems. i belive psp GO's have a built in camera but im not sure. so the awnser is yes

Will PSP 1000 charger work with PSP 3000?

Yes,a psp 1000 charger will work with a psp 3000.All psp chagers work with any psp. Corey Bethea

My psp work slow?

Try and delete unused information. Dont play with messy hands also because ur psp will start showing signs.

How do you turn on WLAN on PSP?

first turn your psp on. Then go to settings and choose Internet options. Squeeze gently in the middle of your psp bar at the bottom. If this does not work dont feel afraid to squeze harder for PSP PHAT If this doesent work your psp is a built wrong , alert sony and say you the sqeeze method and they will send you a new one.

Will the Logitech PSP PlayGear speakers work with an older model PSP?

The PSP PlayGear will work well with older (PSP-1000) models, but won't work with the PSPGo

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