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You should talk with your veterinarian - there are veterinary dentists that can repair the tooth and prevent the tooth from becoming infected or causing other problems.

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Q: What do you do if your puppy breaks an adult tooth?
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When you pull a puppy tooth will adult tooth still come in?

Have a vet do it.

Will a border collie's tooth re grow?

Only if it is a puppy and is losing it's milk teeth. Otherwise, if the dog is an adult the tooth will not regrow.

What to do if my dog's tooth is sideways?

If your dog is a puppy the tooth may be sideways because the dog is getting ready to lose it to make room for the adult tooth. If this is found in an adult dog it is important to visit the vet to have the tooth condition corrected in a safe manner.

How do you pull out a puppy tooth?

um i actually think you shouldnt pull a puppy's tooth out

Can a dogs break teeth regrow again?

depends on the dogAnswer:No. If a dog breaks a permanent (adult) tooth, it will not regrow.

Does an adult tooth always grow in place of baby tooth?

yes but a adult tooth cant grow in place of an adult tooth

How do you compare a baby tooth from an adult?

A baby tooth is smaller than a adult tooth.

Can you be allergic to a puppy but not an adult dog?

you could be allergic to puppy or an adult dog

What happens when a puppy has broken 1 of their teeth?

My puppy chipped off the tip of one of his canine (long front) teeth. When I took him in for his shots and pointed out the tooth, the vet said this: "It's okay, because he will lose that baby tooth and an adult tooth will come in, just like humans do. It is very common for puppies to bite on something too hard and chip a tooth."

When toswitch to adult dog food from puppy food?

Whenever your puppy becomes an adult..

What to do when you have a huge cavity and part of your tooth breaks off and your adult tooth is right underneath the cavity tooth?

Go to the dentist they will probably numb it and then pull it out or they will take your tooth out and sew it back up and then put it back in but that's normally only for permanent teeth (:

Is there a puppy tooth fairy?

Maybe........why don't you ask the human tooth fairy?

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